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  1. Received Legion approval! DZ 78059 now entering the sandbox. I know- there's a loose wrap hanging from the chin- it's fixed! Big thanks to all those whose prior work and trial and error served as a roadmap for me during this build.
  2. Krayt Clan Access (Includes 501st access)

    DZ 78059 requesting Krayt Clan access. https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=26539 Thanks. Done! Added to 501st Roster
  3. What type of boot to use as base

    Just hot glue. So far so good.
  4. What type of boot to use as base

    I chose to use a generic Croc type shoe. I figured they have built in ventilation and are pretty comfortable. I glued cutoff pant legs to the tops of the Crocs and then glued my duck strips to that.
  5. I found that after using the carbide cutting wheel to rough out the cuts a conical tip worked well to really gouge out the shape and provide definition between the "squares". I used a metal conical tip, not the sanding ones that are usually pink or some other color.
  6. Wore the whole rig to my son's Cub scout Halloween party. Big hit with the kids.
  7. Snapped some pics of the suit components, with and without flash. The Martini Henry and Ottoman follow in the footsteps of Arcturus and Bcarp. They're made it the good vinyl at Joann's. The waist pouches are made of crappy Walmart beige vinyl. There is craft foam backing the flaps and scraps of Sintra glued in the sides for rigidity. The boots are made from cheap Croc style shoes and a pair of khakis cut off and glued on for the legs. They Velcro down the inside of the leg and the seam is hidden with small flaps overlapping and a ribbon of duck to wrap around the leg. The neck is closed with Velcro. The robes have been dyed and the inner robe assembled. Still need to sew up the outer and do some weathering. Still not happy with the amount of weathering on the mask, so I'll probably dirty it up more. Still need to make the gaffi as well, likely using a variation on HappyTrooper's awesome build. Thanks for looking.
  8. It's been a while, but I am nearing completion on this build. I hope to have it done for a costume party next week. Since the Photobucket fiasco I kind of felt a lack of desire to do as much documentation of the build, and as a result I took barely any pics of its progress. I decided to switch over to imgur and I went back through this thread and updated all the links, so hopefully the pics show up again. Anyway, here are a few pics I took over the last few months of the build, as a preview. This was my first rough attempt at the head wraps. They are khaki duck cloth, and this mock up made me realize this fellow's forehead was too short. I ended up adding some strips of foam mat to give it some height. Here is a more finished view, with the foam build up of the forehead. I will add more pics of the finished pieces as I take them and get some of the full suit as well.
  9. Hello, I know many seal their paint jobs on a number of pieces they've made, but what works best for plastic as well as vinyl? I am looking for a matte finish but I don't want to dull the aluminum pieces, as I have heard can happen. What does anyone use/suggest? Thanks!
  10. Made some progress over the last few weeks. Going slower than I hoped, but still, progress is progress. Snout puckery leather on. This was far more difficult than I anticipated. I must have spent an hour fussing with it. Rubber bands and tape keep everything together, just like in life. Preliminary tusk testing. They will need to be positioned more accurately. Actually starting to look like something. Here's the rebreather in progress. I hit it with a few coats of aluminum spray paint and weathered it with black, brown, and yellow ochre acrylics. I had a leftover piece of vinyl that fit the rebreather perfectly. It looked really nice ( forgot to get pics!) But I laid it on with e6000, and for whatever reason, the cement dried underneath and held it on, but some seeped through the crappy vinyl and never dried. It left the exterior surface sticky and attracted every piece of dust and lint in three counties. So off it came. Will be picking up vinyl for the bandoliers when Joann's has a good sal and I'm thinking I'll use some of it to cover the rebreather. Cheers!
  11. That's a good idea, the repair tape. Thanks!
  12. Okay, this may seem like a bone-headed question. I would like to include the cut outs on the sides of the eyestalks to add visibility, as so many have done before. I like the idea of having them included, since if I decide to sacrifice visibility for accuracy, I can always cover them up. The question is, what kind of mesh/screen are folks using for this purpose? Likewise, what is the best material for the screening behind the eye holes and mouth? Just plain old window screening, or something fancier?
  13. In the home stretch #rebreather

    Looks great. Where'd you pick up the flare nuts? I am having a heck of a time sourcing adequate ones.