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  1. WIP of my first Jawa Mask

    Actually it works very well. I used magnets to fix them. So I am flexible to decide if I wear them under the black fabric or on the outside. But I still haven't finished the Jawa jet.
  2. WIP of my first Jawa Mask

    Nope, nothing. But the mask is made to use all kind of possible eyes since I am not sooo happy with those. So channels/ holes for wires are already drilled in case I need them. I just glued these Neodym magnets to the tea light:
  3. My alternate jawa blaster build

    That's cool. Very very cool.
  4. It looks like I finally found a fabric which seems to be very close to the one used in movies. Actually I was at lunch in a good old German Brewery and found them as wall deko. Since it is difficult to source those old coffee bags with an according s twill I think this is pretty close. What do you think? Those Hop bags can be easily bought at EBay.
  5. WIP of my first Jawa Mask

    I used two different sizes of very light and small Neodym Magnets (5mm and 10mm). They are strong as hell. i really want to have a very light mask. You are right. I am testing different versions of eyes. My fav ones are shown on above picture. The left one (beside the mask) is running with the "cable" solution. the small led fits perfectly inside of the Lego part and the deodorant cap can just be put on the Lego. No glue needed. The white part is a special washer. I currently don't use it. I still think about how to use the tea light. Thats the solution on the right. Actual solution is this one here. The bigger magnet in the center perfectly fits into the hole of the washer. This keeps the eyes always in the same position. I can also upload some more detailed pictures if you like.
  6. Real reference pictures

    They are called "Apostel". Some are quite expensive if you buy them with a belt. But you could for example source them here:http://www.outfit4events.de/eur/produkt/7773-holzbuchse-fur-schiesspulver-sog-apostel/ or http://www.re-enactmentsupplies.co.uk/?route=product/product&product_id=104 or http://goingbang.com/product/full-bandolier-with-oil-bottle/
  7. No, not really. But obviously they have been pretty much influcenced by berber styles etc. Well.. I will keep on looking. Thanks for the hints.
  8. WIP of my first Jawa Mask

    Hallo Agnes, vielen Dank! The isolation material is really stable. It got even more stable when I painted it black too (with acryl paint). Since I all the time find something new which could be used for the eyes, I decided to work with magnets. I use them to attach the different eyes to the isolation material (using Lego and washers). I could now attach the eyes even without cutting holes in the black hood. Anyway I am still unhappy with the eyes:
  9. Jawa...for my son.

    Wow. That is awesome! What did you use for the eyes?
  10. revision of mask - done

    I fully undestand. When I for example see caps of deodorants which could work as eyes, I buy them. Even if they smell terrible. Also the light... I bought many different ones to see which one fits best. My wife would kille me if she would know how much fabric I bought, just to see if the weave is close to the movies. Do you have any pictures of your mask? The things you wrote about usability/ difficulties is very interesting.
  11. Jawa mask WIP

    The very first picture (which you also use as a reference for your mask) looked very familar to me and I tried remember were I saw it. Its on deviantart: http://bubblegumthug.deviantart.com/art/Jawa-Unmasked-379689910 Its from not from the movies.
  12. WIP of my first Jawa Mask

    Hi, just wanted to share some pictures and ideas concerning my first Jawa mask. Basis is a very rough painted ice hockey mask. I wanted to have some structure on it. That's why its painted in a very chaotic way. Since I wanted the eyes to be in a proper angle, I decided to use some isolation material as a basis (since its cheap, stable enough and easy to cut). But now I am thinking about the eyes. As you can see, I currently have some alternatives. But its so difficult as you all know. Feedback is very welcome and needed. Thank you! PS: Of course this is just the basic mask and there will be a fabric hood.
  13. Bandoliers and Sizing

    I bought some German K98 Poaches at eBay for quite reasonable money. Since I have a "lot of body" to cover, I just bought 6 of them instead of 3 as well als an according belt.
  14. Jawa mask WIP

    The first of your reference pictures (based on the hockey mask) really is from the movies?
  15. Hi again, it would be cool to know what kind of fabric the Germans are mainly using. Sorry for being pushy but it would be great to get some hints. Maybe you can even mention some sources. Thank you.