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  1. Hi I love this character and I congratulate you for the great work. I want to ask some questions.

    - The pants, what kind of comprastes pants? Is the yellow line width measured how much and what kind of fabric is needed?

    - I've seen the best mask is Stephen Creations. Which is yours?

    Thank you.

  2. Starting Ponda Baba.

    Thanks, I hope still making the rest of the parts.
  3. Starting Ponda Baba.

    Hi, I´m Alejandro from Spain. I´m interested to create my Ponda Baba. It´s a long project in time. It´s not cheap, but i want to start visiting this place. Nice place. Are these boots corrects for this costume. The boots are as CRL says: Boots are high to black calf leather knee high black leather or like material. Boots Do not have laces, straps, decorative stitching, buckles or zippers. Waiting for your advices.
  4. 501st Access Requests

    Requesting 501 st access. Thanks. http://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=18954&costumeID=129 Alejandro Pardo. Nick: Tarabillas. TR-17146. 501st Access Granted