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  1. Lasombrants A'Sharad Hett Mask build

    Finishing up the leather wraps Sand caught in the crevices and some weathering
  2. I have finally made enough progress to begin posting this... this will be a combo Asharad Hett / Sharad Hett Bucket build with the full WIP listed in Other Denizens under A'Sharad hett This is a Poorman's Kit attached to Batters Helm with visor removed, painted with rustoleum paint putty color and beige screen to cover the vents to help camoflage and issues with the cloth wraps while trooping. Original Resin cast Greeblies Fans for top section 12v micro fans they push enough to at least be felt on forehead so hopefully will push air out the vents on top. Will be adding one or two blower fans in snout as well. Tapping the helm with 8-32 1/2" screws for new Darth Hair Aluminum Greeblies and beige screens over vents to insure they stay hidden. Greeblie alignment and upgrade to DarthHair Aluminum Greeblies Leather Wrap Extending the back of the helmet with PCV Signage I extended the back of the helm this weekend with PVC Sign Material and matched the angle to maintain the correct lines of the main helmet will paint and add last pic tonight. Wired up the fans and added a blower in snout and battery pack. Right Side Left Side Back Lenses cut and set in greeblies that is all for now... More to follow... Full WIP to be Found in Other Denizens under A'sharad Hett...
  3. I have finally made enough progress to begin posting this... Achievement Complete... Rebreather Achievement Complete... Boots Acheivment Complete... Pouches Aquired Greeblie alignment Leather Wrap Lenses cut and set in greeblies
  4. PM Eye Placement

    Thanks for the link. I had looked at that a while ago. I'm gunna try and get them as close together as possible without hurting the appearance and angle them a bit. I love you fan set up BTW. I have three different drawings of what I was planing for fans I was gunna test out but I think I like yours better. Gunna just take it slow and keep reading the forums.
  5. PM Eye Placement

    Hey Guys! I've been trolling the site for some time now and am about to start my build. Useing a Poor mans kit and baseball helmet. First possible glitch I see is the eye stalk placement. I just so happened to go to my eye doctor this week and they measured my PD(pupil distance) which is 61mm rather close for the average man and the mask has divits at about 80mm. I know that I will not be able to set the eyes that close together but would like to line it up as close as possible without destroying the look. By useing a piece of paper and testing I can go quite a bit further away from pupil to pupil and still see i would just like to retain as much vision as possible. Having never worn a costume with a mask and being an engineer am I just over thinking this too much or could this really be a big concern. Solving this will be the first step to building the mask. The rest of the outfit minus the boots and sound glove are all ready done. Thanks in advance Evan