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  1. Bandolier Configurations

    Will do, thank you!
  2. Bandolier Configurations

    Thanks! Yeah, I should start a WIP thread soon.
  3. Bandolier Configurations

    I decided to go with the British 1903, crossing over the Swiss K31. The gap in the K31 is perfect to allow the crossover (plus the pouches are big enough to hold some droid parts).
  4. Bandolier Configurations

    Oo, that's good info, thanks. I'll be a relatively tall (5'8") jawa.
  5. I'm finally getting going on my Jawa, so while waiting to get through pixeldust's queue, I'm looking at different bandolier configurations. At the moment I'm thinking one Martini across the chest and a 1903 at the waist. Any dis/advantage to this setup? Any thoughts on 5-pocket vs 9-pocket 1903? Thanks for any info!
  6. 501st Access Requests

    TI-47877 requesting 501st access. Thanks very much! http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=21887 501st Access Granted