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  1. Bith Suppliers

    In the UK items from the States attract customs duty if over £120/$160 and VAT if over £18/$24 so basically everything. Oh yes, and then a handling fee by the courier.
  2. Bith Suppliers

    It makes a nice change as I live in the UK. It's not just the shipping costs from the US but the customs charges when it arrives Chris certainly does some amazing work and he currently has an order for at least 4 Bith from the UK Garrison
  3. thebrightons Event Roster

    #10 26 November 2017 Reading Comic Con
  4. thebrightons Event Roster

    #9 19 November 2017 MCM Comic Con Birmingham
  5. thebrightons Event Roster

    #8 18 November 2017 MCM Comic Con Birmingham
  6. thebrightons Event Roster

    #7 29 October 2017 MCM Comic Con London
  7. thebrightons Event Roster

    #6 25 June 2017 Return of the Garrison Leicester
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    #5 24 June 2017 Return of the Garrison Leicester
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    #4 26 May 2017 MCM Comic Con London
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    #3 19 March 2017 MCM Comic Con Birmingham
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    #2 19 February 2017 Winchester Science Centre
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    #1 11 February 2017 MCM Comic Con Telford

    So you need to add a duplicate post here to the one in the 2017 Trooping Incentive Program = The Memorial Troop. This could take a while as I've a lot to go back over
  14. 2017 Trooping Incentive Program - The Memorial Troop

    Troop: Reading Comic Con Date: 26 November 2017 Location: Reading UK
  15. Bith Cantine

    Hi, Over at the UK Garrison we're putting the band together so have some questions too re the CRL, especially the instruments. There are 5 varieties yet only the Kloo Horn and Fanfar are listed as options. Was there any reason for this? The construction of the Fanfar also doesn't appear, in my eyes, to match screen used or indeed the description which says simple lines etched every inch. CRL image below. Over on RL screen shots appear to show they were made from brass hose connectors. Eight of these appear to match. Thoughts?