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  1. Having been given the green light to troop by LMO pending finalisation of the CRL Pagetti had a good reception at the Birmingham MCM Comic Con, our biggest event. I failed though as 2 Jawas have already escaped with another hot on their heals Not sure if I can add this to the 2017 Trooping Incentive as not 'officially' cleared yet,
  2. Forum: thebrighton TKID: DZ11968 Event: Winchester Science Centre Date 19/02/2017 Costume: Tusken Raider
  3. Forum: thebrighton TKID: DZ11968 Event: Telford MCM Comicon Date 11/02/17 Costume: Tusken Raider
  4. Cheers, the mask and hands and, indeed shirt and vest were made for me by Woodman on this forum. The shirt is made from material similar but cheaper to tussah raw silk.
  5. After a lot of help from Rob (Woodman) here is where I'm at. A WIP is up and running over at the UK Garrison so it's now down to the CRL
  6. DZ11968 requesting access, cheers Gareth Krayt Clan Access Granted
  7. Pagetti is coming along slowly. The first picture is of the 3D printed belt buckle from Shapeways and the second is after a lot of grinding/sanding to remove the layering effect of the print.
  8. A different Weequay with claws:
  9. The CRL is here but it seems to have stalled:
  10. The Vibro-Ax is now finished so next step is the costume.
  11. Just a quick update on the hands. This photo of another Weequay clearly shows claws.
  12. The Vibro Axe continues to progress:
  13. More bits getting done each day and more arriving
  14. Silicone hands now ordered from the States. Each day seems to see another bit turn up for either the costume or Vibro-Ax. I need to break out the sewing machine to rustle up the trousers. Here's a few bits: Waffle weave for the trousers Boots that need a bit of altering/weathering And a few bits for the axe Please let me know if any help is required with the CRL.
  15. Is there any progress with the CRL? Regarding the pouches it does appear there are just the 2 on the left with one round the back. The hands do appear to have nails rather than claws but are they latex gloves or just the actors hands suitably coloured? It's the shirt fabric I'm unsure about and I've seen the tabard described as suede as well as buckskin which photos don't seem to clear up. Apologies for joining this discussion rather late but I'm reluctant to progress my Pagetti build until we can come to a consensus on the CRL. Unfortunately I don't seem to have access to any photos that haven't already been looked at on here.