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  1. Canadian Garrison Raiders N Traders Clan in action! Stealing Dalek Harper off the Doctor Who Society! All your droids belong to us! - DZ 41908 and DZ 70926
  2. Troop Name: Toronto ComiCon Troop Date: March 18th, 2017 Troop Location: Toronto, ON, CA Troop Participants: DZ-41908
  3. March 19th - Toronto Comicon DZ 41908
  4. Oooohhhhh! Shiny blinky things.... must take!!
  5. Tusken/Jawa here same garrison as Christina! Welcome to the sand box and definitely if you can get in for TCC, would be great to have you in with the group!
  6. Troop Recognition: Our Dec troop of the Carrie Fisher Tribute was covered in this month's issue of Sci Fi Magazine!! Infamous Canadian Jawas!!
  7. 2nd troop of 2017 - Troop 9 - DZ 90112 & 41908 Vaughn Winterfest in Vaughn, ON Feb 12th, 2017
  8. Troop Name: Vaughn Winterfest Troop Date: February 12th, 2017 Troop Location: Vaughn, Ontario, Canada Troop Participants: DZ-41908 & 90112
  9. Lookin forward to this. My first Celebration and bringing both jawa and tusken, and 90112 is bringing her jawa along as well. Will be awesome seeing everyone going. We're contemplating wearing the jawas to the party as well since it is the cantina bash after all.
  10. Forum Name: 41908 & 90112 ID # DZ-41908 & DZ-90112 Troop Name: Walk For Alzheimers St.Catharines, ON Troop Date: 1/29/17 Costume: Jawas
  11. First Troop of 2017 Troop 8 - DZ 90112 & 41908 Jan 29th : Walk For Alzheimer's St. Catharines, ON
  12. My main is a royal guard so yeah they are extremely hot however it CAN be worked around. I run a rigged a/c in it which means I can go up to 3 hours in the sucker ( possibly more if I pushed and the batteries don't die!). I have a male tusken and run two fans inside. All the masks/helmets will be warm to some extent. That goes with the territory. Squirrel fans definitely are a big help for the overheating and it also depends on the person yes. Some people just handle heat better. I can go 3 hours in a guard, my wife 1.5 and then she needs a break to cool off for example. I agree with seeing if someone has one and trying it on, getting a feel for it. It will help. If you are claustrophobic, absolutely try it on. This will also give you a good idea on sight lines. Male tusken has a very narrow field of vision I find, while my guard has great vision in front and sides, but straight down is a major blindspot for example. The other aspect to see is looking at different build threads to see what others have done to mitigate the heat issue, and or come up with a/c rigging. The wife's female tusken likely could use our guard rigs for example. Running two O2 personal fans attached to a belt, with flextubing running up the neck and into the helmet to pump cold air. Guard visor was glued in but space left so it is not fully sealed allowing the air to pump out. Only drawback is it makes it hard to hear in the bucket but then we had that issue anyways so... Biggest thing just do the homework and try it on I think is going to be your first step there!
  13. Troop 1 - DZ 41908 (Tusken w rifle) Sept 2nd 2016 Toronto Convention Center Toronto, ON Troop 2 - DZ 90112 - Jawa (no pic ) / DZ 41908 (Tusken) - Oct 1st 2016 Hamilton Con Hamilton, ON Troop 3 - DZ 90112 and 41908 Jawas - Oct 12th, 2016 Make A Wish Dinner Party London, ON Troop 4 - DZ 90112 and 41908 Jawas - Dec 17th, 2016 El Capitan Theatre Hollywood CA Troop 5 - DZ 90112 and 41908 Jawas - Dec 17th, 2016 Mel's Diner Hollywood CA Troop 6 - DZ 90112 and 41908 Jawas - Dec 17th, 2016 Chinese Theatre Hollywood CA Troop 7 - DZ 90112 and 41908 Jawas - Dec 31st, 2016 Carrie Fisher Tribute Chinese Theatre Hollywood CA
  14. DZ 41908 and 90112 Troop: Tribute to Carrie Fisher Chinese Theatre - Hollywood,CA 12/31/2016
  15. Troop - Disney's El Capitan Theatre / Troop - Chinese Theatre / Troop - Mel's Diner 12/17/2016 Hollywood CA DZ 41908 and 90112