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  1. Help with the eyes????

    LED's are direction dependent, so it's important to solder the right way with + and - And one Cable isn't soldered. Greeting Elafra21
  2. JAWA-Masks Video Tutorial

    Link zum 3 Tutorial Jawa Masken Tutorial Teil 3 Die Elektronik
  3. JAWA-Masks Video Tutorial

    Hallo ich habe auf Youtube eine Tutorial-Reihe zum bau der Jawa Maske gestartet. Da es für mich auf Englisch relativ schwer geworden wäre sind die Videos in Deutsch. Hoffe aber das durch die ganzen Erläuterungen meine Grundgedanken dennoch auch für die nicht Deutsch sprechenden verständlich sind und wenn Fragen sind stehe ich gerne zur Verfügung. Teil 3 wird in ca. 2 Wochen Welteneis Cosplay und Jawa Adventures und danach noch hier verlinkt. Links zu der Tutorial-Videos Jawa Masken Tutorial Teil 1 Die Augen Jawa Masken Tutorial Teil 2 Die Maske Hello I have started on Youtube a tutorial series to build the Jawa mask. Because it would be relatively difficult for me in to make the Tutorials on English are the videos in German. But hope that through the whole explanation my thoughts are nonetheless understandable even for non-German speakers and if there are questions I am happy to help. Part 3 will be linked in about 2 weeks Welteneis Cosplay and Jawa Adventures and afterwards here.
  4. New Member

    Hi and welcome to the krayt clan.
  5. Jawa Mask by Elafra21

    Ich kann dir sonst auch welche nach hause schicken, wenn dun nicht 500 bestellen willst
  6. heroma97 Event Roster - DZ 22997

    Can you me say weher you get your Trading Cards from? Because i want to also order witch
  7. heroma97 Event Roster - DZ 22997

    Legoland was awesome
  8. Jawa Mask by Elafra21

    Part 2 The Lighting For me mask i gone a use LED, but is important to find the right one. They must shine on all sides and show no focus. In my first ones try I used LED's fromflashlights this, however is substantially more loyal than my current solution. Alsothe LED on the foil were great, but verydifficult to solder. From LED like the red one I advise against, they give foci in the eye which looks badly. In meine ersten versuchen nutzte ich LED´s aus Taschenlampen dies ist aber wesentlich treuere als meine jetzige Lösung. Auch die LED auf der Folie waren toll, aber sehr schwer zu verlöten. Von LED wie die rote rate ich ab da die einen Fokus in das Auge geben welches schlecht aussieht Now i have found for me the best solution: Warm White Light LED Module I use for every eye two of them. They are very small, however, with somepractise this is solder not too hard. I pursue them in the normal case with 2 rechargeable batteries (2x1.2V=2.4V), or with extremely high light day with two normal AA batteries (2x1.5V=3V). Because so I can use led without resistance and and the result is really great This is with 3V and so very bright... Comparison: 2.4V vs. 3.0V 2.4V 3.0V
  9. Jawa Mask by Elafra21

    I will start a new Topic where i subscribe how i build my Jawa Mask let´s start with the Eye´s Part 1 EYE´s For the Eye´s i use 30 mm of divisible plastic ball the inside is swilled out with wateredacrylic colour (1/1 with water) importantly open with the opening downcan be dried there otherwise thickenedcolour places form for the masks I use only the father side, because the mother side has an unpainted split (I use this after his separation for the candy jawa's)
  10. Jawa trading card

    Where can you order trading cards?
  11. Tips for upgrade Jawa Candy bowl

    thx It´s very easy simple take some jawa mask eye and upgrade the candy holder
  12. Krayt Clan Access (Includes 501st access)

    UTINI DZ 20191 Requesting Krayt Clan Clan access http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=19632 Thanks Krayt Clan Access Granted
  13. Get your Jawa Candy Bowl some lightning eyes and it would look so much better.