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  1. JAWA-Masks Video Tutorial

    Link zum 3 Tutorial Jawa Masken Tutorial Teil 3 Die Elektronik
  2. JAWA-Masks Video Tutorial

    Hallo ich habe auf Youtube eine Tutorial-Reihe zum bau der Jawa Maske gestartet. Da es für mich auf Englisch relativ schwer geworden wäre sind die Videos in Deutsch. Hoffe aber das durch die ganzen Erläuterungen meine Grundgedanken dennoch auch für die nicht Deutsch sprechenden verständlich sind und wenn Fragen sind stehe ich gerne zur Verfügung. Teil 3 wird in ca. 2 Wochen Welteneis Cosplay und Jawa Adventures und danach noch hier verlinkt. Links zu der Tutorial-Videos Jawa Masken Tutorial Teil 1 Die Augen Jawa Masken Tutorial Teil 2 Die Maske Hello I have started on Youtube a tutorial series to build the Jawa mask. Because it would be relatively difficult for me in to make the Tutorials on English are the videos in German. But hope that through the whole explanation my thoughts are nonetheless understandable even for non-German speakers and if there are questions I am happy to help. Part 3 will be linked in about 2 weeks Welteneis Cosplay and Jawa Adventures and afterwards here.
  3. Hi there from southern Germany

    Greeting from Switzerland to the big canton ^^. If you have questions, I'm happy to help. Keep calm and UTINIIIIII!
  4. Hello from Niles Mi.

    hi and Welcome
  5. TB ready to Gamorrean Guard

    Welcome to the Clan
  6. New Born Jawa

    Welcome and Congratulations, for the fast approving.
  7. There's a new Jawa in the desert

    Welcome and Utini
  8. Hiya from a Future Jawa

    welcome to the Krayt Clan
  9. Hello from Virginia!

    Welcome, the size does't matter the biggest Jawa i have saw was over 2m. I was feeling as in the original size beside him. But he was a awesome Jawa.
  10. Greetings from Switzerland

    The Swiss Krayt is growing up ^^ I just 3 words. Welcome and UTINIIIIII!
  11. Hello from Switzerland!

    Well done Stefan. It was funny to help you for the approving, i happy for coming troops ^^
  12. New Member

    Hi and welcome to the krayt clan.
  13. Hello from Texas

    Welcome to the clan. I can say you one the more jawa's the better.
  14. Hello from NC

    Hi and welcome to the Clan. I always look forward to new jawa 's and their ideas for costumes, to make the ultimate Jawa.