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  1. New Project, Bib Fortuna

    Thank you very much. The border now apply latex and paper. When dry, make-up and the border disappears. With practice, we are improving the technique
  2. New Project, Bib Fortuna

    Waiting for the center to approve the suit. At the same time we made the costume, we also made the CRL.
  3. New Project, Bib Fortuna

    Finished makeup Some retouching we will do.
  4. New Project, Bib Fortuna

    After a lot of work, Bib Fortuna is finished. The photos are not of good quality. Shortly I will make good photos to create the CRL and request approval of the suit. In the first photos the makeup of the eyes is not finished and the color seems different in the second photos. The phone is horrible The mask must be put a little filling so it does not deform --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Despues de mucho trabajo, Bib Fortuna está terminado. Las fotos no son de buena calidad. En breve haré las fotos buenas para crear el CRL y solitar la aprobacion del traje. En las primeras fotos no está terminado el maquillaje de los ojos y el color parece diferente en las segundas. El mobil es horrible. La máscara hay que poner un poco de relleno para que no se deforme Roster: Front: Back: Left: Right: Mask off: makeup :
  5. New Project, Bib Fortuna

    thank you very much
  6. New Project, Bib Fortuna

    After a period of time without writing, the suit is practically complete. A few tests with friends. The lenses remained in the box and the gloves are missing with the fingers and place teeth well. Now it remains to do makeup tests on the eyes to hide the cut of the mask. Despues de un periodo de tiempo sin escribir, el traje está practicamente completo. Unas pequeñas pruebas con amigos. Las lentillas se quedaron en la caja y faltan los guantes con los dedos y colocar los dientes correctamente. Ahora queda por hacer las pruebas de maquillaje en los ojos para disimular el corte de la máscara.
  7. New Project, Bib Fortuna

    Mask finished. And I think it's spectacular. Many thanks to the creator, Ray Nogues.
  8. New Project, Bib Fortuna

    Voy a comenzar a redactar el CRL y si el lider del destacamento o el GML ven algo mal, por favor que me lo comunique. Las botas no se ven en la pelicua. Por esto, voy a seguir las imágenes de la figura licenciada. Antes de gastar mi dinero, ¿Esto es correcto? I'm going to start writing the CRL and if the leader of the detachment or LMO see something wrong, please let me know. Boots are not seen in the movie. For this, I will follow the images of the licensed figure.Before I spend my money, is this correct?
  9. New Project, Bib Fortuna

    New images of progress Fabrics already bought and in process. Bracelets made. Boots and armor in process
  10. New Project, Bib Fortuna

    Little by little, the economy does not allow more, but the suit I finish it, that sure. If someone from the detachment or the central office is telling me if what I am buying or doing is going in the right direction ...... It would be a good help.
  11. New Project, Bib Fortuna

    And teeth.
  12. New Project, Bib Fortuna

    I already have another part, the contact lenses. I think these are ideal. Any opinions?
  13. New Project, Bib Fortuna

    Hombre, otro loco jajajajaja. Si, la máscara es de Ray, pero me da que va a ser lo último que pueda coger. Ahora mismo estoy esperando que me terminen los brazaletes y si quedan bien, empezar con el peto. Gracias por los ánimos.
  14. New Project, Bib Fortuna

    A new question. I am going to make bracelets and armor in aluminum. Then I have to paint and to grow old as it appears in the movie. Is that material accepted? Does anyone know what material the armor is made from in the movie? Can I cover the aluminum with a thin layer of leather? A little help please This is the fabric I bought for the interior tunic.
  15. New Project, Bib Fortuna

    Already bought the fabric for the inner robe. I have taken as an example this image of the film.