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  1. KC Member Trading Cards Wanted

    Great Mail today - Star Garrison arrived in Alaska - DZ42934 and her great design card #033 added to my collection. Very grateful! 29/33 Almost there - Never give up Hope.
  2. What type of boot to use as base

    Yes my insoles are a foot saver -
  3. Rubber Boots

    I did not drill holes in my rain boots. I imagine some do this for ventilation?
  4. KC Member Trading Cards Wanted

    Wow they look so fantastic together laid out! 28/33 -
  5. KC Member Trading Cards Wanted

    Yes! Captured @Shortee welcome to Alaska! KC card #009 arrived - only a few left to go - 2018 starts off well. 28/33 completed
  6. KC Member Trading Cards Wanted

    Total Surprise from left field today at Mail Call. I’ve been trying to contact this member for his Epic KC cards for over a year. After numerous request sent and unanswered - I thought maybe try again next year. Then this... no return address, no note inside, just 3 each 004 and 005. I almost passed out. The stamp and markings tell me outside the USA. I’m just glad these unicorns arrived - unsigned they are, but I bet you sent them Bullant. Wish I could share my gratitude with you, or whom ever sent these. yeah... I am Stoked! 27/33
  7. KC Member Trading Cards Wanted

    Here is what 25/33 looks like as of December 2017: Back Sides
  8. KC Member Trading Cards Wanted

    Just in time for Christmas... Helotrooper in Alaska! Thanks Andy.
  9. KC Member Trading Cards Wanted

    Feeling terrific to receive DZ4901 #012 on the same day as the official opening of TLJ! Many thanks to @HGBode for helping me to get his trading card in my set. German Garrison in Alaska! never give up on your dream
  10. I love my darthhair mask ... watching this one
  11. Jundland Wastes - How to get a banner added?

    One of the admins eventually updated for me.
  12. KC Member Trading Cards Wanted

    Collecting this set has certainly been an eye opener to how difficult it is to locate and communicate with people, even with seemingly common interest. After a year+ long search, finally locating a member does not mean they will be responsive, or welcoming to your contact or request to trade cards. Although I dont understand, I can respect their decision. The experience left me a bit deflated today without going into details. Maybe I had my head in the sand on this one from the beginning? However, I got an unexpected email from a different member I had never heard from before, extending an offer to send me their KC trading card. Wow...I couldnt believe they finally reached out and contacted me.... yes, finally - my thoughts and feelings soared high again. I may not ever complete the entire KC trading card set, but I am not going to give up my quest. Maybe someone out there received a card I am looking for and is willing to trade or sell it to me? There is always a possibility, and you never no when someone might decide to trade, sell or gift. Staying determined and motivated. I feel like any day, can be the day, that I find my next unicorn
  13. KC Member Trading Cards Wanted

    Hip Hip Hooray! #026 arrived today ... @Sam Crow in Alaska! Many thanks glad we connected Mike.
  14. KC Member Trading Cards Wanted

    I never thought it would be so challenging to contact less than 30 members and trade cards in the mail. I still have yet to contact 5 members - Facebook has connected me with a few, but yes at times it has been frustrating. I’m also kinda surprised not many members have had a proof made - and cards printed. Only 33 to date have had a proof made. Hoping I can contact and encourage the remaining missing members of my set to trade. Love how well Nick manages doing these for members, makes sure the designs and photos stay within the same theme. He does a great service for those looking to have a proof made. I’ve been told it’s impossible - and not everyone has been positive in responding to my non stop requests. But.... Giving up is the easy way out - I just keep trying, I have hope. Can’t stop - Won’t stop If you know anyone who has a Cards I am missing from the past proofs before my #028 - I’m willing to pay for them to get their proof printed, for receiving just one signed card.
  15. KC Member Trading Cards Wanted

    Update - yeah on my birthday! Welcome to Alaska #004 gaining ground on my collection- still in need of a few more - please let me know if you can help? Working towards completing the impossible... can’t stop won’t stop