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  1. Forum Name: Alaskan_Salmon_Raider TKID: DZ -9234 Event: Valdez Alaska 4th of July Celebration Date: 7/4/2017
  2. Event #12 Valdez 4th of July Celebration - Valdez, Alaska - July 4th 2017
  3. Sweet -many thanks I feel complete now with my first banner!!!
  4. Hello Nick I have 11 troops under the program, all listed in the Jundland Wastes section, with photos. The guidelines show 10 troops for the first banner.
  5. Hello - trying to contact the correct admin for getting my Jundland Wastes trooping incentive banner added to my profile - like this one anyone help??
  6. Forum Name: Alaskan_Salmon_Raider TKID: DZ-9234 Event: Midnight Sun Festival Fairbanks Alaska Date: 18 June 2017 Costume: Tusken Raider ANH male
  7. Event #11 Midnight Sun Festival - Fairbanks, Alaska - June 18th, 2017
  8. still trying to contact who updates member profiles with the banners? any site admins maybe?
  9. I am asking about the banner recognition incentive for the Jundland Wastes Trip program for a members profile, like this one
  10. Like this one
  11. Yes, request is about cumulative "Jundland Wastes trip" program. I posted up my first 10 events under the sub section (Jundland Wastes) and trying to notify or contact the right person to update me with my first banner (earned after trooping 10 events)
  12. Finished up my first 10 events for the Jundland Wastes trooping goals and was looking to get the first banner added to my profile. Posting here to find out how? thanks in advance
  13. I think Darthhair sells machined aluminum parts separately from the mask kit? You would need to contact him. When I bought my kit which comes with resin parts, I added the aluminum parts he fabricates, but he does not make a metal tooth.
  14. I posted up my first 10 events, is everything in order for my very first banner?
  15. Jundland Wastes of the Far North - DZ9234 Fairbanks Alaska Antler Arch.