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  1. Hello Skiff Masters. Just wanted to ask if someone is working on any other Guard of Jabbas Henchmen...CRL-wise. Since we finally have some CRLs online (Kithaba, Pagetti Rook, Barada, Klaatu) it would be great if we could add some more of this elite and noble warrior class. I am on #3 and #4 right now (Brock Starsher and Wooof), and somewhere here I have read that some members were working on the Skiff Master and Nikto ?! So, any news and updates??
  2. ... is now ready for approval. One more for the Skiff Guards.
  3. Klaatu CRL is online now
  4. Requesting Krayt Clan access 12102 German Garrisson Krayt Clan Access Granted
  5. Saw him live last saturday - really awesome!!!
  6. Thanks a lot for those cool hints!!!!
  7. May I ask where you did find these big d-rings for the belt?
  8. Hi everyone. Any news on the CRL? My question is if somebody is already working on it or has even sent a proposal to the DL? I really would love to see this character on the CRL board
  9. on this reference it is the same helmet like on the skiff scene.
  10. Here are some better pics:
  11. Thanks a lot. Klaatu has 2 versions: at Jabbas Palace the "Karma" is at the front ( Palace Guard). At the Skiff he wears it at the back - and has an Electrostaff. Skiff Guard: Palace Guard: Reference photo from the Palace scene:
  12. Since I m a Skiff Guard aficionado I really would love to see more costumes like yours.. the Sarlaac is hungry anyway lol Gesendet von meinem GT-I9515 mit Tapatalk
  13. I think your costume looks fine, actually awesome. on these pictures it actually looks like there were just "flaps" sewn together. the middle on top is bolstered / enhanced so the leather sticks out like a mohawk... the greeblies on the helmet shouldnt be that hard to do either. but like I said, I really like the overall look. was just a question.
  14. Looks great. Do you plan to make the helmet ? I have the Klaatu helmet and what I can see, this helmet is a similar version. you could make the base hat and attach the black "plume or mohawk" rather easily... do you have any reference pic from behind?
  15. It is my honor to continue with this costume KLAATU SKIFF GUARD. Scott did a fantastic job - we now just had to change some details thanks to the new ref pics and the eagle eyes of Todd Mullin . Due to weather conditions I had to take the pictures inside with flash, so the weathering disappears a little bit.... and the best (thx to Scott)