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  1. Gamorrean research

    I don't have any good solution for hotlinking, since Photobucket changed their price plan. If anyone has any good alternative for a free hosting service with hotlinking, then please share. For the time being, I've put together the pictures in a public google folder. I think I have most of the picture I reference in the build thread here, although the order is a bit scrambled and some of the pictures probably don't make much sense without the text. But anyways... https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwLA-pg3uStySkYtMWczb1lLcFk cheers /christian
  2. Gamorrean research

    This suit is a never ending story. I've tried out a way to integrate the under tunic in the vest, which makes it much easier to get on and off during a troop. It worked out quite good. It required some velco under the arm where the fabric comes together, but this was not visible once the shoulder pads and everything else was in place. Also I've done some work on the strapping system I have under the suit. This is some foam glued together with straps to hold everything together. At the front is the electronics for the sound including the speaker. The bottom photo shows the inside of the kit. It has three straps in the front, one for each leg + nappy, and the same in the back. There is also a pouch in the back to hold a water bag connected with the mask through a plastic tube. The white plastic in the back are ABS leftovers from my TK, that I used to give myself a humpback look (and make room for the water bag).
  3. Gamorrean in Jacksonville Florida

    Good luck with the build. Nice to see more another gammy. Will be interesting to follow the build. Keep up the good work!
  4. Working on my GG 1st attempt

    I assume you've seen the CRL, right? If you really want to get it approved I suggest you go through that a few times, and then read as much as you can in old build threads in this forum.
  5. Working on my GG 1st attempt

    I agree with mkc2 that you have quite some way to go for a 501st approval. But I still think anyone trying to build a gammy from scratch deserves a salute. So now I have a good reason to get another beer and raise it in your honour Looking forward to those pictures. Cheers!
  6. Gamorrean research

    Thanks! I was going for that tasty look
  7. Gamorrean research

    Also another picture from a troop. Just because
  8. Gamorrean research

    Started working on the nappy again. I want it more round and nice. I'm simply adding more foam all around it, and then another layer of foam on the outer layer. This will make it more chunky. This is probably they way I should have done it in the first place. Makes it much easier to achieve that round and plump gammy ass that we all know and love Also I continued working on the axe. I've wanted to make it look more worn. Specifically it should appear more rusty. So I got some iron powder that I glued to the axe using E6000 (but I guess any transparent glue will do). Then I sprayed it with some oxidation liquid (not sure what this is called in English) to make it turn rusty faster. First apply the glue, then spread it out thin (I used some leftover plastic from the TK), then apply the iron powder, then shake off all excessive powder. Once the glue is dried, then apply the spray. The last picture just shows a test I did on a small piece of worbla.
  9. Gamorrean research

    So, fixing the nappy. I thought about starting from scratch with the nappy, but at the end of the day I decided against this. The existing foam structure is quite comfortable and it was a lot of work for me to get it working with the strapping and all. So I'm keeping it. I started by skinning the fur from the foam. It was not a pretty sight. For some reason this made me think of the film "A Man Called Horse". Go figure! Next I will add some more foam around the nappy to make it more round and fat. Then I'll put the fur back on. I guess I will also have to buy some more fur to cover the extra foam area.
  10. Gamorrean research

    I haven't really made any progress with the changes for the nappy, but I thought I'd at least post a picture of a new Gamorrean Kenner figure I bought the other day. Just to add some noise in this very silent section of the forum Right now I'm trying to find a good AFA rated MOC. We'll see how that turns out About the suit. I have a whole bunch of troops planned around the premiere next month so I'd better start working on the upgrade soon. Will post pictures along the way.
  11. Finally ready to start into this

    Steal away I got most of the good ideas from others. I got a lot of support from mkc2 during the build, and there are some good build thread in the forum also. Right now I'm also re-doing the nappy and some other stuff that I noticed during the first troop. Not sure how much help I will be, but I will do my best And, yes, this was a build very different from the TK.
  12. Finally ready to start into this

    Nice to see more Gamorrean's. I reckon there are many things you can start with before you get the latex parts. Obviously you need to get all fitted together nice later on, but starting with the nappy, vest or other parts of the body shouldn't be a problem before you get the latex parts. Or why not start with the electronics for the sound board. Or an axe or vibro lance. There is a ton of stuff you can do
  13. Gamorrean research

    Thanks, guys.
  14. Gamorrean research

    The first troop with the gammy went quite well, although I have a long list of things that I want to fix in the future. The major thing I want to do is re-make the nappy (bigger and rounder). On overall I was quite happy with the whole kit, and the costume was well appreciated by all (even though some small kids were a bit scared). One thing I really need to fix is the little finger on the gloves. This is hard to close round the handle of the axe, and it tends to stick out (like you are holding some fancy wine glass). I've seen this on other gammy's also. I'm thinking of gluing the little finger to the finger next to it, to make it move move more easily together with the rest of the fingers. Yes, the cooling vest was a life saver. I managed about three hours before taking breaks. I guess this would be something like ten minutes without the vest Some pictures:
  15. Gamorrean research

    Yea, that's a nice vibro lance. I would like to do one of those later on (if I ever build up the courage to work with worbla again). I guess it would be good to have something like that to lean on during long troops. I have my first troop in the gammy this weekend also. I'll update with some photos when I'm home again.