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  1. Jawa Junior Build

    I so need to do this
  2. Hi guys from CT

    Thanks that will help
  3. Hi guys from CT

    Ok so i have been looking around and found so.e info i will need......but......i am 6ft 7in tall how long should the inner and outer robes be. Where so they stop when i wear them? At the ankle or just short of hitting the floor? The fabrics are another issue. I am not sure what type goes where.
  4. Hi guys from CT

    Thanks for the welcome guys.
  5. Hi guys from CT

    Im TB 12614 otherwise known as Jim. I have numerous costumes and i want one that is a little more on the comfortable side. My wookiee is probably the most comfortable one i have but the boots suck. My Vader......need i say more. My scout is not bad but the armor can dig in and hurt and my snow commander has yet to be trooped in so....