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  1. ANH Bantha Rider Tusken WIP

    The black cut lines on the top of the whipped cream and snow cans I "eye balled" unit I actually got the tomato paste can. In reality, I wound up using the faint line seen on both cans above my drawn on black line. Hopefully I can paint this and the resin pieces from the mask/head tomorrow. I am gonna hold off on bending the tube for this until I get the mask done(?).
  2. ANH Bantha Rider Tusken WIP

    While I paused to stare at this mask/helmet. I decided to get the other "major fabricating" component out of the way. The respirator. Following wingnuts lead, I ripped apart the kitchen and scavenged some items. Here you go... Ok so the aluminum rod and flanged short nuts I didn't find in my kitchen, those I got from ACE hardware. Came in around 11 bucks for the 3 items. The yellow and brown caps are from plastic gallon milk containers. Hopefully they will pass.
  3. ANH Bantha Rider Tusken WIP

    Like many, I referenced Wingnut's build thread which I believe he reference's Arcturus thread but I imagine at the end of the day it's all just one big happy family. The resin tusks and spikes needed to be cleaned up. I filed the eye slots by hand and took the rest to the belt sander. Once I got them all cleaned up I drilled them and used machine screws and washers to give my mask a test run. Thoughts on the position of the spikes?
  4. ANH Bantha Rider Tusken WIP

    So, this kit only contained the front mask. I went with a light weight hard hat that I found for $5 bucks at a thrift store. I also purchased the last 3 yards Joann's had of Bull Denim. I will use this primarily for the mask, boots and arm wraps dying them all the same color. Coffee, teal, RIT, spray paint, all of the above. I haven't really looked at this stuff yet. Here is the mask uncut... I attached the hard hat with some rivets. I wanted a little of "flexibility for my big noggin."
  5. Hello all, long time lurker, 2nd time builder. (I have a build thread for my daughter's Jawa on here a year or so ago). Any how... I recently purchased a mask kit from Jawachopshop and decided to make my way officially into the detachment. I really like the look of the Bantha Rider so I am gonna head into that direction with this build. I will try my best to document as much of the build as possible. I've checked out a bunch of build threads as well as looked at a couple of kits in my garrison to get some ideas but of course feedback from you all would be fabulous. Here is the famous SBB (small brown box) day! And I am done! How's it look?
  6. Greetings from St. Louis, Mo

    Hello and welcome! I too am working on a Tusken. Whoop Whoop!
  7. San Diego Tusken

    I got the same BBB today. I hopefully will have some pics posted up next week! Congrats and I'll be following your build!
  8. Troop Name: Boo at the Zoo Day 1 Troop Date: October 22nd, 2016 Troop Location: Atlanta, GA USA Troop Participants: CDZ-1872 Violet, TK23276 Dad
  9. Troop Name: Paint Gwinnett Pink Breast Cancer Walk Troop Date (Month/Day): 10/01 Troop Location: Gwinnett Braves Stadium, Lawrenceville, GA Forum Name of Participant(s): zv288bot, CDZ1872 Violet
  10. Waist 5 pouch bandolier

    Curious on your thoughts about what kind of glue/adhesive you will use the put these together? sent from my phone
  11. Troop Name: The Night in the Museum Troop Date (Month/Day): 08/13 Troop Location: Tellus Museum in Cartersville, GA Forum Name of Participant(s): CDZ1872 Violet submitted by Dad, TK23276 - Photo credit by Mom Sabine is also my daughter CREB1879
  12. Jawa for my 10 year old Daughter

    The board does just come with the board exposed. No case or anything like that. Note this item comes wired with a speaker. I removed mine. Once you plug an outside speaker it bypasses the internal speaker. I had some extra double A battery holders and once I cleaned the inside up the board almost fit perfect. Here are the pictures. Here is a short video..., https://vimeo.com/178563072 Hope this helps! Sent from my LGLS740 using Tapatalk
  13. Jawa for my 10 year old Daughter

    Next up was a sound glove. I so wasn't in the mood to sew again but time was running out. No lie, sewing these directly to inside out gloves was way worse than the elastic band. My next issue, the wires that attach the switches were to short for my desire so I had to make some extensions. Now to sew (yuk) the buttons to the inside out glove. Here are the switches in the glove. Sent from my LGLS740 using Tapatalk
  14. Jawa for my 10 year old Daughter

    Hello, I was recently talking to Cricket about her builds when she mentioned wanting to make a sound glove. I sent her a link to Adafruit who makes some small mp3 players that you can trigger with a button. Not overly complicated but you would need to purchase a couple of things to get it 100% going. She responded back with a link to electronics123 and a wav kit that came with everything you needed and it arrives ready to go. You just need to dump the wav files in. So here is what I spent my day doing, trying to figure out how to make this work for my eleven year old daughter. My first idea was to attach the buttons to her palm via an elastic band. I figured she could just reach down to her palm to activate each trigger. Fail... after all that stinkin hand sewing the buttons on the elastic, It turned out to be too big for her hand! She was really having trouble activating the pinky and ring finger trigger. Sent from my LGLS740 using Tapatalk
  15. c3po head

    I purchased my head from this guy. I even got a B stock for about half the price. http://bc3pobuilders.runboard.com/t695 His name is Jim, nice guy, I was able to get a shoe as well and he offered other "jawa" parts. Shoulder plates and some other stuff at the time.