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  1. And trim back the wrappings a little bit, but other than that it looks good.
  2. Event Name: Burnside LibCon 2017 Troop Date: July 15, 2017 Troop Location: Burnside Library, South Australia Troop Participant: Gruntsky (DZ-67890)
  3. Burnside LibCon 2017
  4. Forum Name: GruntskyTKID: DZ-67890Event: Cora Barclay FundraiserDate: 01/07/2017
  5. Cora Barclay Centre Fundraiser
  6. Well done mate, much deserved!
  7. I couldn't say for sure having never used it. I used a thin leather and it folded fine for my mask.
  8. When all else fails, refer back to the originals!:
  9. Mouth hole definitely needs to be made bigger
  10. You could give this a try:
  11. @Arcturus1020 has provided a couple of brilliant templates and tutorials for Krayt clan use.
  12. Thin leather will work, but will be noticeably different. You can fill it out with thin packing foam to improve the look though. Send me a pm and I can post your pics for you.
  13. Looking very nice!