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  1. I'd have to agree with what darthman said mate, use hot glue. Gives you a little bit of time to get the placement right and if you stuff it up you can just rip it off and try again without ruining your leather. Once you have it hot glued, you can use your E6000 or barge cement around the edges if you're worried about it coming unstuck.
  2. @Alaskan_Salmon_Raider (Dennis) has some good photos of the most typical way that the leather is done. Fold it up like an accordion and then poke it through the mouth and then glue it around the outside and then the inside.
  3. I think I saw that thread in the RL forums.. Up to a year between payment and receiving the goods? Thanks for that, I'll send woodman an email
  4. With the material, take the pictures into your fabric store and try to match it as best you can, then post pictures of the fabric for clan members to help you. For the armor I'd try Worbla or some other type of thermoplastic, possibly craft foam, but it looks like a hard armor so worbla would probably be better.
  5. Have you looked at all of the pictures in the reference section?: This would be a good place to start. It looks as if he has a blue inner robe and black outer robe, some hard armor running from neck to mid thigh, wrist bracers and black (suede?) pointy toed boots. Without a CRL, it is usually up to the person wanting to create the character to do his best to match all reference images and getting input along the way from the detachment leader and fellow Krayt members, so I'd say get out there and start getting some fabric samples and post them here for people to check out. Best of luck with your build!
  6. Haven't seen any posts reffering to suppliers of Bith masks and hands, was wondering where the Bith's we have here got their bits from?
  7. Looks pretty good!
  8. Congrats mate. I thought you'd been here longer than me, but my join date was apparently Jan the 1st last year. Hope the cake is retroactive!!
  9. Forum: Gruntsky TKID: 67890 Event: Womens and Childrens May the Fourth be with you childrens ward visit Date: 04/05/2017 Costume: ANH Tusken Male
  10. May the 4th be with you Womens and Childrens Hospital Troop
  11. A few people sell 3D printed parts on Shapeways, some others sell just the greeblies in the sales forum.
  12. This ^. So much this.
  13. Congratulations mate!
  14. I think most people use a light coloured paint to achieve the sandy look. You'd be better off posting in the Jawa section where all the experienced Jawas hang out to get a definitive answer!