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  1. Hi my name is Pieta, female, 25 & I live in Perth, Western Australia I love Star Wars, grew up watching it, movies 4-6 (I have no idea how many times I have watched them) & then 1-3 at the cinemas when they came out. As a child I thoroughly enjoyed having Lightsaber battles with my younger sisters, since then I have upgraded Lightsabers & have fallen in love with my Yoda FX Force Deluxe Lightsaber which I recently got I also love getting costumed up, I have been to conventions such as Supa Nova & ComiCon. This is where I first experienced 501st & loved it! I have been wanting a Jawa costume for years but never had any real skills to make it happen but with the help of my partner skills & members advice, I should be able to get to for fill my dream of becoming a Jawa. I have been searching up the forum & loving all the information available in regards to costuming. I am ready to get collecting & building, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Pieta