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  1. Looking very good! Great job!
  2. sc

    Congrats on both accounts!
  3. sc

    The SC pattern is the one I used and what matters most is what can be seen once you have it all put together. Think about how things will look once it is all together and what the camera will see. Yes, detail in what can't be seen is very important for most, including myself, but remember you will be wearing an outer robe that will cover at least half and the sash will cover the seam. You're on the right path so keep asking questions regardless how small and we will keep answering them. That's what make us one of the best detachments in the Legion!
  4. When gluingmon to the latex use Barge cement, you can find it at most places. Hot glue does not work as well. In the Godzilla instructions he lists what adhesives to use. I would suggest sticking with those because every time someone deviates form them they have problems.
  5. I cut an old long sleeve shirt arms off at the length I wanted and used that form a template the sowed each strip starting at the wrist and worked up toward the elbow. I also cut a plain piece of material and sowed it to the glove, it helps keep my glove in place under the wraps. The outer wraps will cover the joint up and is never seen.
  6. The instructions are full of images and should be easy to follow. Looking forward to the build.
  7. Welcome to the sandbox! Look at a bunch of the build threads and ask lots of questions because we are all here to help each other out.
  8. Welcome! Ask lots of questions and post photos of your build progress because we all love to watch your progress. It also gives you a chance for feedback to make your build go smoother and in turn approval faster.
  9. It does look too big, I used a cap from a Tropicana orange juice container.
  10. That looks awesome, I've been thinking of doing a new Gaffi and your project has me convinced to do it. I noticed you using a screw driver to take off the raft, I use small wood carving chisels to clean up my 3d prints. The screw driver was too much of a hassle so I went and got a medium priced set with multiple shaped ends that fit every angle. Works like a charm!
  11. I would consider making it darker, should be a darker look.
  12. I love mine, it is the most accurate one out there and lots of room for those with a larger head. Also, Adam is awesome to deal with.
  13. I went with the tighter style and left myself some 'growing' room. They get hidden under the outer robe most of the time, unless you want to be a Bantha rider. the SC pattern is a popular one to use. Once you start making the robe you can adjust for a better fit based on personal preference.
  14. Boot look awesome! Great job
  15. Have you looked for Afghan weave as a material for your outer? I use it for my outer robe, it is heavy and will stretch a bit over time. To control the fraying sew in a stop line about an inch to 2 inches from the bottom depending on how much fraying you want on the bottom of the robe.