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  1. Welcome to the sandbox! Look at a bunch of the build threads and ask lots of questions because we are all here to help each other out.
  2. Welcome! Ask lots of questions and post photos of your build progress because we all love to watch your progress. It also gives you a chance for feedback to make your build go smoother and in turn approval faster.
  3. It does look too big, I used a cap from a Tropicana orange juice container.
  4. That looks awesome, I've been thinking of doing a new Gaffi and your project has me convinced to do it. I noticed you using a screw driver to take off the raft, I use small wood carving chisels to clean up my 3d prints. The screw driver was too much of a hassle so I went and got a medium priced set with multiple shaped ends that fit every angle. Works like a charm!
  5. I would consider making it darker, should be a darker look.
  6. I love mine, it is the most accurate one out there and lots of room for those with a larger head. Also, Adam is awesome to deal with.
  7. I went with the tighter style and left myself some 'growing' room. They get hidden under the outer robe most of the time, unless you want to be a Bantha rider. the SC pattern is a popular one to use. Once you start making the robe you can adjust for a better fit based on personal preference.
  8. Boot look awesome! Great job
  9. Have you looked for Afghan weave as a material for your outer? I use it for my outer robe, it is heavy and will stretch a bit over time. To control the fraying sew in a stop line about an inch to 2 inches from the bottom depending on how much fraying you want on the bottom of the robe.
  10. Rogue On at Royal British Columbia Museum benefiting Mustard Seed Church March 18, 2017 Victoria, BC Seeing the movie on the largest screen in the Province was quite an event and awesome!
  11. Stair Climb for Clean Air 2017 - BC Lung Association February 26, 2017 Vancouver, BC Chekur6 That Sandtrooper ran the 48 floors of the Wall Centre 5 times in total; 3 in full kit in under 12 minutes. Out of kit he did it in less than 7.
  12. This whole project of yours has been AWESOME!!
  13. You can also dye it. I used RIT Dye: Tan. It does need to be in long.
  14. I just took mine to the elbow since the outer robe will cover them an all that I have had exposed was half way up my forearm. They do look good!
  15. You may want to add another layer of screening (90 degrees to the current one) on the mouth opening to prevent anyone from seeing your mouth. You may want to check your eyes while you are at it to make sure they can't be seen easily. Looks awesome, great work!