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  1. Yes, a non-fur mask is approvable.
  2. Troop Name: 501st Austrian Garrison at the Salzburg Shopping Arena Troop Date: March 4th, 2017 Troop Location: Salzburg, Austria Troop Participants: DZ-16813
  3. 501st Austrian Garrison at the Salzburg Shopping Arena:
  4. 501st Austrian Garrison at the Salzburg Shopping Arena
  5. A really good start! Looks great.
  6. If you are on FB, have a look for the "Mouse Droid Builders". There you will find a lot of information. I've built my mouse droid of plywood in nearly full size. Nice to see, but you don't want to carry it for a whole troop. :-D If you want more information about the build, drop me a message.
  7. Looking real good for a "side project"!
  8. Utinii John! Nice to see you here.
  9. Greetings to all! I'm still waiting for KC detachement access for more than two weeks, is anything wrong? I am curious to explore the whole forum, so please don't let me wait any longer. Cheers, Reiner
  10. Hi Kelly, you´re right, the dying of the fabric was a little spotty... but it was no matter. I´ve got my costume approved last Tuesday. i also made my mask new, now the eyes are outside. Thanks to all for assistance hints and advices!
  11. Hi together! My name is Reiner, i´m 49 years old and got finally my Jawa approved last week, i,m very happy with it! Now i hope for a lot of events to show up and give a lot of fun to all the people around! a big thanks to all who helped me during my "making of"! Greetings, Reiner
  12. Hi Agnes, it seems the CRL has been changed not long ago. I also know about no visible seams on shoulders and the sleeves. Greetings, Reiner
  13. Hi Tom, the CRL says nothing about seams. My personal opinion is that the seams are necessary due to the fabric. Not long enough or not wide enough. Greetings, Reiner Robe For 501st approval: Brown monks cloth or a similar textured fabric is to be used to construct the robe. The robe is sewn closed or has an off center (to the side) opening that runs the length of the garment. The openings of the sleeves and robe bottom are not hemmed. The edges are tattered and frayed. The finished robe is weathered with various colored staining.
  14. DZ-16813 requesting Krayt Clan access please. Thanks, Reiner Krayt Clan Access Granted
  15. Ok... got all sewing ready and took the photos today: