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  1. Forum Name: reiner1967 TKID: DZ-16813 Event: 6. Scifi-Day at the Prater in Vienna Date: 06/10/2017 Costume: Jawa
  2. 6. Scifi-Day at the Prater in Vienna, June 10th 2017
  3. Forum Name: reiner1967TKID: 16813Event Name: Star Wars Day City Arkaden KlagenfurtEvent Date: 05/06/2017Costume: Jawa
  4. Star Wars Day at the City Arkaden in Klagenfurt
  5. Yes, a non-fur mask is approvable.
  6. Troop Name: 501st Austrian Garrison at the Salzburg Shopping Arena Troop Date: March 4th, 2017 Troop Location: Salzburg, Austria Troop Participants: DZ-16813
  7. 501st Austrian Garrison at the Salzburg Shopping Arena:
  8. 501st Austrian Garrison at the Salzburg Shopping Arena (2017) Star Wars Day at the City Arkaden in Klagenfurt, Austria (2017) 6. Scifi-Day at the Prater, Vienna (2017)
  9. A really good start! Looks great.
  10. If you are on FB, have a look for the "Mouse Droid Builders". There you will find a lot of information. I've built my mouse droid of plywood in nearly full size. Nice to see, but you don't want to carry it for a whole troop. :-D If you want more information about the build, drop me a message.
  11. Looking real good for a "side project"!
  12. Utinii John! Nice to see you here.
  13. Greetings to all! I'm still waiting for KC detachement access for more than two weeks, is anything wrong? I am curious to explore the whole forum, so please don't let me wait any longer. Cheers, Reiner
  14. Hi Kelly, you´re right, the dying of the fabric was a little spotty... but it was no matter. I´ve got my costume approved last Tuesday. i also made my mask new, now the eyes are outside. Thanks to all for assistance hints and advices!
  15. Hi together! My name is Reiner, i´m 49 years old and got finally my Jawa approved last week, i,m very happy with it! Now i hope for a lot of events to show up and give a lot of fun to all the people around! a big thanks to all who helped me during my "making of"! Greetings, Reiner