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  1. Daracha (DZ-17614) event roster

    9. MasterTruck - 24/07/2016 10. Polcon - Kraków, 20/08/2016
  2. Daracha (DZ-17614) event roster

    2016 5. Pyrkon - Poznań, 08-10/04/2016 Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 6. GR4RT - Kraków, 19-21/05/2016 Day 1 Day 2 7. Night of libraries - Kraków, 04/06/2016 8. Motoserce - Zabierzów, 18/06/2016
  3. Green Tonnika Sister

    Thank you I must admit it's a very comfy costume, but mainly for indoor troopings. The photo is from last weekend.
  4. Captain Ithano

    I think the tunic would be easy to sew Cotton (for example denim) will be fine in this project. It's quite similar to Gotal's sleeveless tunic and I used denim there. I'm afraid embroidery is hand-made. As for armor, I'm almost sure it's made from leather. Bracers look exactly like belts. It wouldn't suprise me if the same leather was used for both.
  5. Captain Ithano

    Nice idea, good luck with your costume! And share photos from progress! I'm curious how you will make a helmet.
  6. Green Tonnika Sister

    A bar and waterpipe, yes, please and blue sister!
  7. Green Tonnika Sister

    Thank you
  8. Green Tonnika Sister

    Thank you all Today I finished works on my costume. Photos below.
  9. My Tusken Raider Female

    When I was working with my shawl, I've found out that it's better idea to cut straps from the length, not width. It was a painful lesson, but I won't make the same mistake next time! More fabric would be needed to finish shawl, but the final result is definitely worth it You can achieve so much space this way! Thank you. My costume got approval, I'm happy with it
  10. Green Tonnika Sister

    Few months ago I decided to make a costume of green Tonnika Sister. Step by step, slowly, I managed to finish wig, bodysuit, pants and - thanks to Sven - the belt. I have already shoes, so three elements are left: collar, cuffs and garter. Below I added photos from making of the wig. I hope it'll help someone in the future to make "the base" for beehive (as I call it) I used PUR foam. When it set, I cut out the shape and covered it with fabric tightly. The fabric (old sock will be a good idea) is perfect to sew braids to it. To spare some time, I ordered bodysuit. It was... well... at least I have nice fabric, right? I resew part of it and changed zipper. Flying squirrels would think of me like one of them ;D Oh, did I mention bodysuit was ordered for my custom size? Aaaand the belt. Pretty, isn't it? What do you think so far?
  11. Wuher

    Seba, it was a pleasure to make your make up you can count on me in the future in this matter.
  12. My Tusken Raider Female

    Photos are horrible liars. In reality the mask and bracelets are in gold color If I had an occasion to make photos in a studio, I'll share them here. What kind of fabric did you use? I had a lot of luck and find flexible wool in good price. I'm sure the fabric is made mostly from wool (or it's 100%), because it's to some extent waterproof.
  13. 1. Imladris, Kraków, 09-11/10/2015 Day 1 Photos were accidentally deleted Day 2 Day 3 2. Falkon - Lublin, 06-08/11/2015 Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 3. Star Wars-themed wedding - Kościelisko, 28-29/11/2015 Day 1 Day 2 4. "Force Awakens" premiere - Łódź, 17-18/12/2015 Day 1 I don't have any photos. Photographers weren't very interested in tusken female. Day 2