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  1. tusken

    Hi Gail, congrats on your clearance, am i correct in assuming Douglas is your Husband?, if so you now own my old Cruzer Helmet, i hope that you enjoy it and i wish you both many happy troops. Ian ...
  2. well we managed to find a small fabric store that had a substitute material but it was just as thin as the original so my fiancee tried her hand at it, as my fingers were a bit clumsy so she has done an outstanding job on this, certainly better than i could have done. This is the result of her work. Thank you everyone for the advice and comments, i will be moving on to the leather wraps shortly now that this is out the way. Ian ...
  3. Thank you James, Evo-stik Impact Multi-Purpose instant contact adhesive is what i am using, as that's the only contact cement that i can get hold of in the UK with relative ease, i just wasn't sure it was OK to use since i can't get the recommended glue here in the UK but thank you for the confirmation. I can't thank you all enough for the help and advice, i will be giving this another go as soon as my replacement lamb skin mouth piece turns up, as Adam(Godzilla) was kind enough to send me another piece since i messed my first one up. i will be doing this a little at a time next time round as it's not as easy as i had thought. Thanks again. Ian ...
  4. sc

    Hi Gail, I don't think that there is a problem with that pattern as that's the one i am using and if you aren't sure check with your armorer, but so far mine hasn't been turned down, mine was just picked on for just adjustments nothing more and it should be good to go, so i would say you are fine to go ahead. Ian ..
  5. Hi Paul, Problem being, i stay in Scotland in the UK, we can't get Barge cement here and if i was to send to the US for it, the shipping outweighs the cost of the glue, and there is also the problem of customs impounding it, as they are funny with this sort of thing. so i am forced to find a UK equivalent. Thanks for the Advice though. Ian ...
  6. my only concern is that, my helmet is a Godzilla helmet and made from Latex so i am not sure how well hot glue will take to the latex without peeling. I will give it a test on a small scrap piece i took out of the eyes.
  7. well it looks like this isn't as easy as i had hoped, i messed it up with the glue we have in the UK, so i am now on the look out for another piece of the lamb skin material to re-do this. I managed to get it looking right with out glue but once the glue was applied it was a race to get it on and then it wouldn't sit right and when i tried to adjust it, once part came loose and it was a pain to try and get it sorted, so i end up taking it back out and then it went belly up from there. Thank you for the advice so far, lets hope i get another piece of material and get it right the next time.
  8. Hi folks, just a quick question, I now have my Godzilla mask and it's awesome!! but for some weird reason, i can't get the lamb skin wrap to sit properly, i don't have it glued on yet as i was just practicing to see how it would look before actually gluing it as i can't get barge glue here in the UK so i am looking for the UK equivalent. so my question is this, is there a certain way to do the mouth wrap? or is it just a matter of wrapping the skin round the mouth and pulling the excess through the mouth opening? i would rather not mess it up so i thought i would ask here since this will be my first time building this sort of mask and i don't want to mess it up. Thank you for your time and any advice. Ian ...
  9. Hi Folks, Just looking for a bit of advice, (Admins please feel free to move this if not in the correct place) i am looking for anyone who is either selling/producing the machined Tusken helmet greeblies, these are not for me but for a friend of mine who is also building a Tusken helmet, his helmet just had the resin parts and they are not great quality so he is looking to upgrade to the metal ones, I am asking on his behalf as he isn't that great with computers, so i said i would look in to it for him. any help from you fantastic bunch of experts would be very much appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Ian ...
  10. i made mine as a pull on sleeve, it was actually quite simple once you had all the material measured and layed out. Here is a pic of what mine turned out like. like i said i measured all my material out and then sewed it together. then i just added velcro down both sides and it fits like a sleeve i hope this helps give you an idea. ...
  11. Thanks for the reply , i finally sold my last tusken helmet, so i now have a Godzilla lid on order and yes you are correct Adam has been a star to deal with and has given me plenty of info on his lid, top guy to deal with. I am now looking forward to getting my new lid and getting started on it.
  12. Already scavenging bits from the wastes LOL. looks great though, well done.
  13. welcome to the Krayt Clan, people have been great with me so far, so i have no doubt that you will be in superb hands, Jawa's are so mischievous, well the ones in our garrison are anyway, so it's a great way to have a bit of fun with the public. good luck on your build. Ian ...
  14. welcome Javi, The folks here are great and very friendly so i am sure you will get along fine, i am currently working on my tusken raider and so far everyone has been on point with info and help when i needed it, welcome to the Clan dude. I look forward to seeing your costume. Ian ...
  15. Hi Folks, I am looking for the consensus on the Godzilla masks, i have seen some people posting up their builds and such but i would like to know what the owners think of them, having looked at the pictures they seem a great mask and look spot on, just thought i would get some other opinions on them since there are a few makers out there. I currently own a Cruzer helmet which will be up for sale soon as it's a little too tight on my fat head, so looking for an upgrade as soon as i get it sold. I look forward to your thoughts. Ian ...