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  1. Godzilla Mask

    Sorry for the delay but theses are the best i can get from my phone and my Fiancee has my camera at the moment. if can be of help just ask away. Ian ...
  2. Godzilla Mask

    Hello Rodger, I cut out all the Parts that Adam had marked and i just took my time, as for the back of the mask, all i did was cut strips of fabric and fray them a little prior to gluing them on, i used E6000 for this and did a little at a time, laying one piece down and letting it cure before moving on to the next, i made sure that i tucked all the material under as i went round the bottom of the helmet so to keep it neat and tidy, a little time consuming but worth while in the end. i went with a bicycle helmet liner and cut it down and put that inside the helmet so that my head would sit fine and was secure on my head while wearing it. I hope this has been of help, i will gladly help in anyway i can. Ian ...
  3. Tusken Clearance!

    Thank you all, i had my Bantha Rider cleared just shortly after this too, so two costumes for the price of one can't be all bad. I look forward to putting pictures up after i get to an event, dam work stopping my every chance. Ian ...
  4. Inner robe

    Hi, I have recently been cleared so this is purely based on what i had to go through in order to get my clearance, i was told that the arm wraps and helmet wraps need to be close in color as possible, the outer robes need to be Monks cloth as it has the correct weave and weight in that particular fabric , it needs to be 70 inches wide Plus or minus taking in to consideration your build, but it can't have a seam at the shoulders but can have one seam down the center line on the back. The inner robes, on looking at yours seem a bit orange but that might be just how the light is shining on them, but again what i had been told was they had to be a sandy/ tan color similar to the outer robes. other than the slight alterations you might need to do it's looking good, if i can be of help please let me know and i will do all i can to help another tusken brother out. Ian ...
  5. Tusken Clearance!

    Hi Folks, Just wanted to say a huge thank you to this community for helping me with my Tusken Raider, i have read so many threads and got some great help & advice from everyone, i just wanted to let you know that i got my Tusken clearance yesterday, so i can now officially play in the sand pit with the rest of my Tusken brothers and sisters. Once again Thank you for all the help, i hope i can give something back to help others as you have all helped me. Ian ...
  6. robe assistance.

    The Monks cloth you have show is correct, as that's what i used and it worked out fine, what i did as you mentioned was to lay two 4 yard pieces side by side and sew so far up the center seam and just fold the other halves over the front if that makes sense?, but i made my outer robes 80 inches wide. what i did was measure 40 inches on either piece of monks cloth and sewed the 2 halves together where i had measured to and cut off the excess and once the back was sewn i sewed it down both sides where the arms slits would be and then turned the whole thing inside out so you wouldn't see the seam., after that it was just a case of weathering it and cutting to length so that i didn't have too much drag on the ground as it's hazardous at troops if someone stands on your robes and pulls you back. let me know if you need pictures taken and i will happily post them up or PM you with what i mean. Ian ...
  7. Godzilla Mask

    OK, been busy of late and managed to get the helmet completed, i just need to add some weathering to add that desert look, i wish to thank you all for the help and advice you gave me during this build, so here is what it all looked like at various stages of construction. The kit it's self. then i started to cut out the marked area's for the eyes tusks and mouth piece. Then i added the horns with a little piece of material to give the horn something to sit on, so that i wasn't directly biting in to the latex. then i test fitted the tusks so make sure that i hadn't taken off too much material as at this point i wasn't sure how far through the tusk had to go through. At this stage i added the eye's to give me a start on how it would turn out with the goop glue holding it on as i wasn't sure how effective it would be but it turned out superb. so once the eyes were glued on i then added the tusks and hoped that it all looked right, which in the end it did. Then came the part i had been dreading, the mouth, i can now appreciate how difficult it is to get this right as i ended up messing it up and looking for another piece of Material but Adam kindly sent me another piece to replace the part i had messed up, now that is outstanding customer service!!. in the end my fiancee with her nimble little fingers did an outstanding job as i wasn't about to mess up another piece of material and she did an awesome job of getting the mouth to look spot on, in my bias opinion then i added the cheek pieces and it started to look like something. I didn't get much photo's of the leather work as i was so involved in getting it right i forgot to take pictures as i went along, sorry folks but as you will see in the end pictures it turned out OK and i think it looked good, the fun part was doing the wrapping on the helmet, that is what finally brought it together, and it finally started to look like a Proper Tusken Raider lid.
  8. Robes question

    Thanks Jake, i appreciate you taking the time to reply, thank you also for the advice. I shall add that to my robes as soon as i have the sewing machine out again. Ian...
  9. Robes question

    Hi Folks, I finally made all my robes and it got me thinking?, what do you guys & gals do to stop the robe from fraying too much, i know a little is acceptable but you obviously don't want all your hard work unraveling, so what do you do to stop it mid way, obviously i am talking about the sides of the outer robes and the bottom of both robes. Thanks you for any input you can provide. Ian ...
  10. Hello from Dubai

    Hi Gail, congrats on your clearance, am i correct in assuming Douglas is your Husband?, if so you now own my old Cruzer Helmet, i hope that you enjoy it and i wish you both many happy troops. Ian ...
  11. Wrapping the mouth area on a helmet

    well we managed to find a small fabric store that had a substitute material but it was just as thin as the original so my fiancee tried her hand at it, as my fingers were a bit clumsy so she has done an outstanding job on this, certainly better than i could have done. This is the result of her work. Thank you everyone for the advice and comments, i will be moving on to the leather wraps shortly now that this is out the way. Ian ...
  12. Wrapping the mouth area on a helmet

    Thank you James, Evo-stik Impact Multi-Purpose instant contact adhesive is what i am using, as that's the only contact cement that i can get hold of in the UK with relative ease, i just wasn't sure it was OK to use since i can't get the recommended glue here in the UK but thank you for the confirmation. I can't thank you all enough for the help and advice, i will be giving this another go as soon as my replacement lamb skin mouth piece turns up, as Adam(Godzilla) was kind enough to send me another piece since i messed my first one up. i will be doing this a little at a time next time round as it's not as easy as i had thought. Thanks again. Ian ...
  13. SC pattern

    Hi Gail, I don't think that there is a problem with that pattern as that's the one i am using and if you aren't sure check with your armorer, but so far mine hasn't been turned down, mine was just picked on for just adjustments nothing more and it should be good to go, so i would say you are fine to go ahead. Ian ..
  14. Wrapping the mouth area on a helmet

    Hi Paul, Problem being, i stay in Scotland in the UK, we can't get Barge cement here and if i was to send to the US for it, the shipping outweighs the cost of the glue, and there is also the problem of customs impounding it, as they are funny with this sort of thing. so i am forced to find a UK equivalent. Thanks for the Advice though. Ian ...
  15. Wrapping the mouth area on a helmet

    my only concern is that, my helmet is a Godzilla helmet and made from Latex so i am not sure how well hot glue will take to the latex without peeling. I will give it a test on a small scrap piece i took out of the eyes.