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  1. kids Jawa help

    Thanks MJ.
  2. Pattern for infant Jawa?

    Omg this is so adorable!
  3. kids Jawa help

    So I am making a Jawa for a friends son who is three. His Dad is a Jawa and he keeps asking to wear one too. So my question is have any of you made a Jawa your kids could grow into? I was thinking about making bigger side seams that could be let out as he grows. He is pretty tiny now but kids grow so fast i want to make sure it will fit him for a while. I am wondering how you would adjust length on the sleeves and bottom if you leave it long.
  4. I think I am active, I check the posts but don't respond much. So Hi hope to see lots of us representing at celebration. You will find me in the droid builders room or roaming the floor with our R2.
  5. I added the list of the 19 official troops I did in my jawa last year, it would not let me add 19 pictures. Not sure if this is because I am on iPad or if the pictures are just too big. I have pictures from all 48 events we did this past year. I will not have access to my home computer until this weekend as I am helping take care of my mom following her recent surgery.
  6. Sorry late to post.i did 19 official troops in my Jawa last year. I did an additional 15 in my officer. I have pictures off all my events will only let me include one! List of events in Jawa: med city foundation expo 1-30-16 rochester MN rochester Hyvee kids night 2/23/16 triton elementary kids book wars celebration 2/26/16 rochester MN minnesota science museum 2/27/16 st. Paul MN hunger con 4-2-16 Minneapolis MN navy officer award ceremony 4/24/16 Minneaoplis MN twins star wars night 5-19-16 minneaoplis MN star day at Gage elementary school 5-31 Rochester MN Johnson high school graduation party 6-9-16 TFA screening at target field 6-28-16 Minneapolis MN picture below offut air show 7-30-16 Nebraska go for the gold childrens cancer walk/run 7-9-16 Rochester MN Ronald McDonald house Rochester MN 9-17-16 Rochester MN St. Marys Eugina Little Mayo Clinic childrns hospital visit 9-17-16 rochester Mn lacross comic con 9-18-16 Lacross WI zoo boo 10-30-16 st. Pul MN iowa wild star wars night 12-10 Des Moines IA toys for tots drive 12-14 rochester MN Rogue one burnsville theater 12-16 burnsville Mn