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  1. Hello from Montana

    About what parts were used in and out of the movie = the Tusken has a lot of grey area points. As I found, if you are doing a Stormtrooper, Vader, Fett etc = these characters are normally 99.9% accurate in regards to the CRL with little room for debate. In trying to be as accurate as possible to a movie Tusken I found more questions than answers and I can only suggest that sticking to the CRL will get you 501st approved. I do encourage you to research as I did (it is a lot of fun anyway) but to make changes against the CRL you need 3 separate visual references usually..... and this can be hard to find. Especially with limited screen time and production shots = There may only be that one known picture of detail that is different to the CRL. Just make sure you run anything you believe to be 'in question' by your GML. And definitely do chase down any inaccuracies or variations to the CRL. That is how these costumes get 100% movie accurate in the end Have fun
  2. DZ13141

    Welcome mate, you are in good hands asvthere is a great group of people here If you get stuck and need any tips = let me know. Good Luck
  3. DZ 78140

  4. Redoing my Jawa

    Good luck with your rework. Youve come to the right place
  5. Aussie Denizen

    Welcome to another Aussie Ive thought about doing a Garindan myself so I'm keen to see this come together. Good luck with your build.
  6. Newbie Jawa in Georgia

  7. Hello from Montana

    Welcome mate, check out a few builds to get hints and tips to save time and money. The CRL (Costume Reference Library) is your bible to making a 501st approved and Movie quality Tusken so follow it to the letter. And make sure you get the ANH CRL for a Tusken, not the prequels. Most importantly remember the 3 golden rules of the 501st..... Research, Research and Research If you need advice ask around as there is a great group of people here, or PM me if you need a steer in the right direction. Good luck
  8. Nice work, looks cool
  9. Looks great and love the weathering
  10. Scouser's Bantha Rider

    Congrats on the approval
  11. FanDam's Tusken Raider Build (Approved)

    Congrats mate
  12. Good work mate, keep going
  13. ANH Tusken from Oz

    Update on my Tusken: Ive had an absolute blast over the past year and a bit since I got my Tusken approved. Ive recorded 20 Trooping days in it despite having a busy life and it has gotten a better response from the public than I ever imagined. I thought I'd just let you guys know in regards to a long term use = how have the parts and pieces worn? The Boots including the wraps and Shoe-Goo on the boot sole have stood the test of time. Obviously they take the biggest beating of all my parts and I rely on their comfort to enjoy any outing. The only thing to report is after 20 troops it is just about time to apply the 2nd coat of Shoe-Goo as a couple of the edge wraps are wearing through, but for the beating it has taken = I am beyond impressed with its durability. A tip for first application of the Shoe-Goo is take your time, do it right according to manufacturers recommendations and every spot counts. All of my robes are still in 100% useable condition with no repairs required yet or even on the horizon. I used heavy duty fabrics (monks cloth and denim) and they haven't let me down. Remember you are going to put a lot of work into it = a few extra dollars now might save you a lot later on. The construction of the Neck Breather was perfect and is still looking as good as new. The Godzilla Helmet is something that becomes a show/conversation piece and is constantly referred to as 'looking better/more authentic' than most other kits. The one downside I have in wearing it is the weight of the aluminium pieces on the face. It does weigh a lot and the weight sits right at the front = which pulls downwards towards your mouth. I overcame this with a hard hat liner installed with pop rivets for a solid mounting and installed heavy fishing weights at the back to 'counterweight' the pieces on the face. (and before you suggest it = No the weight cannot be counteracted by packing foam in and around. It is just too heavy). The helmet has an Exceptional Look but is heavy, and feels it on a long Troop. A cheaper, lighter helmet might be needed for longer/marathon style troops. However I cannot speak highly enough of the quality of the kit, parts, instructions and customer service from the supplier. It is worth the price tag. I encourage all newbies and members searching for another costume to make a Tusken of their own. It has been a lot of fun and brings you together with a great bunch of people. Good luck and Urghh Urghh Urghh!!!