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  1. Great insight... exactly what i was looking for. Many thanks for your thoughts Satya!
  2. Yeah, disregard my comment then. I'd say you have the color dialed in really well. I like how you shortened the head spikes and extended the fabric wrap under the muzzle like the first of the two photos you just posted. Great attention to detail there. Overall, very impressed with this build.
  3. Hi everyone. I was contacted by a clan member interested in a recreation of Malakili the rancor keepers gaffi implement. I'd like to gauge interest in this before considering crafting and creating molds. The mace head and body would likely be the same as the existing FCG. I would have to decide on whether to hide a seam against the spiky end collar and exclude the taper or make the taper part of the endpiece which would add another mid-shaft seam about 2" up from the collar. The spiky bits would be a solid foam piece with a resin core much like the FCG fins and tail spike. Not sure if i would paint them. At a minimum, the tailpiece would be a solid aluminum paint fused with the foam resin. In that case, the bronze bands would have to be taped off and painted as well as the brown-ish (or darker bronze) ridge/fin there. Weight would be very close to the 2.6lbs the FCG weighs. Unit would break down into head, neck, two main body sections and a tailpiece for a total of five pieces. Cost would probably be the same as the FCG ($160) or less since the tailpiece would be less complicated the the fins, tailspike and tailshaft on the FCG. Possibly as low as $145 depending on tailspike complexity and whether or not i texture and paint. If anyone has any other input, suggestions or screenshots that may depict a more accurate gaffi, all discussion is welcome. I'm not really familiar with this piece or the costume it goes with beyond the photos of builds i've seen here. Mainly looking to get an idea of how many people might be interested. Thanks everyone!
  4. Great job on the arm wraps. Are the outside photos fairly accurate in terms of color? The drawings depict a much browner hue. Not sure if you were looking for feedback. If not - please disregard. Edit:: On2nd thought, i guess it depends on which drawing. Some are beige, and the others are more accurate to the color you have.
  5. Cycler wip

    That came out great. Beautiful work. Thanks for sharing.
  6. I've seen some of the amazing work that you've done in producing Gaffi sticks. I was wondering if you also make the Gaderffii stick that Malakili the Rancor keeper uses? 

    Thanks in advance, 



    1. zihyer


      Hi and thanks for the kind words!

      I probably could.  Is this a screen used prop or fan-created version?  Just wondering what level of accuracy this has.  It looks like i could use the main body, neck and mace head from my existing stick and just craft the end piece there.

      I like the idea.  I just wonder how many of those i could actually sell.  I would need to be able to sell a certain quantity to pay the development and mold creation costs.


    2. Porkins


      I got the picture off the CRL for Malakili. I was thinking the same, the base is the same just different blade. If you happen to make these in the  future I'd like to get one. Thanks for getting back to me! 

  7. New build underway. Garidan

    "....commissioned the _________ to someone else.." Belt?
  8. Cycler wip

    Awesome.. it's going to look great weathered. Any wip photos you can share?
  9. Tusken WIP

    Look great! I'd troop the heck out of it. Great job on the arm wraps. Only thing i can come up with is that the bandos could be weathered in a bit to blend with the rest of the kit but that's probably just a personal preference of mine. Where did you get that waist belt? I really like the big pockets.
  10. This is really amazing. Will definitely be following!
  11. Hello From Phoenix, AZ

    Welcome Todd. Fellow DSG member here as well. I'm about an hour south of Tuscon so about 4 1/2 hr drive for you but if you troop something down here and need help w anything, i'm available to assist. d
  12. New build underway. Garidan

    Looking forward to seeing your build Taz! Keep us posted.
  13. Excellent write up and tutorial. Thanks for all the effort. Definitely a great contribution to the community.
  14. Zihyer Gets a Workshop!!

    Thanks all. It's been a long, drawn out process for sure. My neighbor submitted a complaint to our HOA board, citing several "violations" recently so I had to put the project on hold. The design board came out, did some measuring and determined that no regulations were violated so I'm back on it wrapping up a few last things to get it ready. In other news, i started FCG Run 3 this past weekend! Time to order some resins!
  15. Zihyer Gets a Workshop!!

    You definitely did Mike! Still plenty to do too, lol!