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  1. Hello from Australia

    Welcome Mr V. You should see a few familiar faces here...
  2. Robes: Brown or Orange?

    My robes are a darker brown, some other local members are more orangy brown. Both are fine.
  3. Sounds for your Jawa?

    There is a downloadable file on these forums of Jawa sounds. Each sound is an individual sound clip, and there are different length blank noise files "silence tracks". I used these to create a playlist on my phone with varying length "silence" tracks between each sound. That plays through a bluetooth speaker. http://www.kraytclan.com/forum/topic/1278-audio-files-enclosed/#comment-10782
  4. Fun New Name - 2015 Trooping Incentive Program

    Date 17th December 2015 Troop Starlight room, John Hunter Hospital, Childrens Ward Location Newcastle NSW Australia Troopers Chris788 (DZ-28301) Photo by Deborah Chick, Southern Cross Garrison
  5. My full Jawa for critique!

  6. My full Jawa for critique!

    Looks great! Some small things I would address (mainly for trooping ease) You will want to shorten the length of the robe, when they touch the ground, they're a tripping hazzard. This shouldn't affect your approval, but you will need to supply pictures of your boots. The hood ties, I like to hide mine (I tie them around the back of my neck, then pull my hood over the top) It stops them catching on anything, and takes away the temptation for kids to pull on them. Not sure how this goes for approval, but I was told by my GML to tuck them in for the approval shots.
  7. Looks great! Good luck with approval
  8. To sleeve or not to sleeve???

    Looks much better now! Great work!
  9. Mask concealment material.

    Either options are acceptable, I prefer the look of the cloth covering the eyes, some prefer the eyes exposed.
  10. Mask concealment material.

    This is mine, One layer of speaker cloth. I have since changed how I wear it to make it sit flatter, but I still get the same result. hope this helps
  11. Making a vinyl bandolier?

    With regards to weathering, may I suggest this thread? http://www.kraytclan.com/forum/topic/4968-jawa-bandoliers-weathering-vinyl-and-leather/ I found it helpful, and will be doing my next ones the same.
  12. Jawa Build = 100% Complete!

    Awesome work! looks great!
  13. To sleeve or not to sleeve???

    The robe size looks about right, but the hood could possibly come out past your face, a bit past your eyes if the hood allows it to do so. Ultimately that would allow for a shadow over your face (helps make the eyes glow better) It also might be able to help prevent seeing your face through the mask.
  14. 1st Build and Thank Yous!

    Aha that's awesome! Those photos are great too, Thanks for sharing!
  15. 3 Jawa Tots WIP

    Excellent work! These look great!