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  1. WIP - Vez's Tusken Helm

    I have the same impression. I've got some white duct cloth, I'll dye it Yellow 3 #85 from Rit's colour chart when I get some free time next week!
  2. Hi all! I figured I should get started on a WIP even though I have quite a lot of progress done but I was posting pictures on the local 501st and Mando Merc buddies. So here it is. I got a godzilla kit and started assembling it a few weeks ago. Here is the pictures built progress Spikes placed Eyes and cheek tubes Under leather and mouth leather placed Snout leather So that's my progress thus far. But now I have a really important question. Since I don't have enough material with the godzilla kit for all of my wraps, I went ahead and bought a fabric that is similar but all white. So now I need to dye them to match the godzilla colour and mix both sets of fabric together whilst doing all of my wraps. I read and was told somewheres's that the wraps should be a mixture of taupe and tan/brown. Could anyone confirm what kind of dye mixtures I should use? Thanks! MTFBWY