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  1. ANH -Progress on the robes

    Looks good to me! Any progress? How is the acrylic paint holding up, does it rub off at all?
  2. Hello from Hoth-- err, Norway

    Thank you! I hope to get started this weekend
  3. Hello Krayt Clan! 2017 will be the year I build my Tusken. There, I've said it - the pressure is on now! I joined the 501st as a Stormtrooper just over a year ago, but before deciding on a TK, the Tusken was one of the costumes I considered. Apparently my fascination with the Sandpeople ran deep, because when I got the chance to buy a bucket kit and some other parts from an abandoned project, I went for it - even before finishing my TK. The parts have been sitting in a box for more than a year now, but after reading some threads on this forum I really want to get started! I think a Tusken would be a great addition for me, as I imagine trooping with one is a bit different from trooping with a TK, not to mention easier to transport. So, like I said, the pressure is on - hopefully posting this will motivate me to actually do it instead of just thinking about it If you made it this far, thanks for reading, and perhaps I'll see you around in my for-sure-probably-gonna-happen build thread!
  4. 501st Access Requests

    TK-10199 requesting 501st access http://501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=20108 501st Access Granted