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  1. Jawa Baby

    The files should be in my last post, at the end. Cheers
  2. Jawa Baby

    You're more than welcome.
  3. Jawa Baby

    Our fabric arrived!!! A HUGE thank you to MJ for supplying me with some scraps of old material (that matches Arienh's and mine costume material - which is no longer attainable) so that baby Rillo matches his parents. I got stuck into making the robe and hood straight away. A seamstress I'm not, definitely not... but I managed to knock this out. I was quite happy with myself, but I soon realised the hood was not good enough. I needed to make it 'deeper'. You can see the 'deepness' fail of the hood from behind, and the opening isn't quite right either, I don't think. Even my cat Shadow (short fro Shadow Trooper) wasn't impressed at my fail hood... So back to the grindstone I went... and I knocked out this beauty. This one I am happy with, so it got the full treatment with black lining inside the hood, to make it look even better. From the back you can see the hood is 'deeper' over the shoulders and just... sits better. We needed to do something with his glow-white/flesh hands and feet... so I made him mittens and little Jawa Booties. He also now has a face shroud and voice also. A little speaker located in his stomach and an Ipod shuffle in his back. I used the files provided by TK0580, in this post here. I adjusted the pitch to give them more of a baby voice tone and edited them all into a singular file 25 seconds long and it simply runs on a loop. I'll attempt to add 2 video's to this post also showing Rillo in his working awesomeness. His first troop is tomorrow, so we have only just scraped in with getting him ready. I hope this thread is of use, or even mild entertainment, to even one other member who is thinking of doing the same thing. Cheers. 20170614_164317.mp4 20170623_201639.mp4
  4. DarkFather's Event Roster

    Relay for Life Weekend 2 of 2 - 2017 - Hervey Bay, Australia
  5. DarkFather's Event Roster

    Brisbane SupaNova - 2015 - Brisbane, Australia
  6. DarkFather's Event Roster

    DreamWorld Stormtrooper Weekend - 2015 - Gold Coast, Australia
  7. DarkFather's Event Roster

    The Great Frasier Coast Duck Race - Sept 12, 2015 - Hervey Bay, Australia
  8. DarkFather's Event Roster

    Charity Fundraiser for Cat Vonnections HQ - 2015 - Bundaberg, Australia
  9. Jawa Baby

    Hi ho all; Just wanted to share DZ22372's & DZ37781's good news. We are expecting a new addition to our Jawa family, our little boy Rillo (Jawaese for Dune). OK, not really, but I am making a Baby Jawa and it's name will be Rillo. I have searched hi and low on the Krayt forums for posts on other peoples baby builds, and have found very very little. So I am hoping that this thread will end up being a useful tool (or a host of what-not-to-do points) for others contemplating making a baby Jawa. Anyone who has seen my WiP posts on other forums (501st & others) will already know, my posts are bare knuckle posts, mistakes and achievements alike are posted. Pics are raw as raw can be, no editing done of any sort. What you see is what you get. Anyway, with all that said and done, let's get going. I decided on a 'hard plastic' bodied baby doll as the base for this build, so that all electronics etc could be hidden away inside the hollow head and body. We went to one of the local charity outlets (St. Vincents) and scored this little one for only $3.00. SCORE! Say hello to the disturbingly human looking Rillo (Don't worry 'his' appearance will change - for the better). For the disticly Jawa looking eyes I decided to go with these sealed clear 'white' LED lights. They come in an 8 light chain, but you can easily just cut off the lights you don't require. I changed the on/off switch for a mercury switch. So that way when his mother is carrying him around he can sleep, and when he's required for a photo he can easily be woken up by changing the angle of his recline slightly. The item number form Jaycar for the mercury switch is below. Those puny human eyes just wont do, so I proceeded to remove them and make way for some proper Jawa eyes. 10 seconds with a scalpel and the surgery was completed. Looking more like a prop for a horror story I thought I should quickly get a photo with the lights roughly in place. Since Rillo's mother and father don't have the bubble eyes some Jawas prefer, I decided to give him the flat yellow eyes of his parents. For this I simply used yellow plastic paint/filler scrapers. At this point, I decided the eyes looked a little... large... for such a small head, so I came up with an idea to mount the lights on 2 pvc pipe stalks and extend those stalks ontop of the lights as well, that way the lights ended up in the middle of the head interior, and with the yellow 'caps' on the stalks, the eyes are slightly smaller, and have a 'depth' to the glow. Inside the head is a bit of a mess of wires etc, but hopefully in the pic below you can see the pvc pipe stalks and between them is a 'cheese wedge' of pine wood. This does double duty. It holds the pvc pipes the correct distance apart o the eyes are 'straight' and also holds the mercury switch at a -45 degree angle. So when Rillo is laying down, he is most definitely deactivated. A simple angling of his body however activates the lights, and he wakes up. Baby Alive? Pfft... Jawa Alive! The lights are quite bright and his whole little dome lights up, so I had to give him a permanent balaclava (black Gaffa Tape). I also decided to get him prematurely ready for his adult approval, so I made him a black undersuit as well. Yep, hand made, and sewing machine stitched. This is what happens when a guy finds himself without a PS4 controller for a night. And sitting up, activating the eyes. Seems little Rillo is happy with his new threads too. LOL An access panel cut into his back to gain access to the battery pack for the eyes. And velcro at the back of his undersuit for easy access as well. As soon as the material for his robes and hood arrive, I will get him all suited up. I am going to spray paint and seal his hands black, and if there is enough material, I will wrap his feet and glue on soles from a pair of baby booties/shoes to give him his own Jawa Boots. I also have plans for a speaker in his chest cavity and if everything goes according to plan, a mercury-switched mp3 player that plays the 501st Jawa chatter, when he is 'awake' (eyes lit up). That way he can talk to dad and mum, More updates once the material arrives. We are hoping to debut this little guy at a troop on the 23rd June. Critiques/Comments always welcome. Cheers
  10. Ion Blaster Build

    The pic you have posted is different from the gun in the reply you have received so far, unless I'm missing something. You stated that you wanted to build the larger 'cone-shaped' barrel gun? Check out my thread maybe? I scratch built one myself for my wife's Jawa build. http://www.kraytclan.com/forum/topic/4491-jawa-blaster-not-enfield-ion-blaster/ Cheers DarkFather
  11. DarkFather's Event Roster

    2015 Trip #1 - Trooping for Lachlan - 2015 - Hervey Bay, Australia Trip #2 - Charity Fundraiser for Cat Vonnections HQ - 2015 - Bundaberg, Australia Trip #3 - The Great Frasier Coast Duck Race - Sept 12, 2015 - Hervey Bay, Australia Trip #4 - DreamWorld Stormtrooper Weekend - 2015 - Gold Coast, Australia Trip #5 - Brisbane SupaNova - 2015 - Brisbane, Australia 2017 Trip #6 - Relay for Life Weekend 2 of 2 - 2017 - Hervey Bay, Australia ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Trooping for Lachlan - 2015 - Hervey Bay, Australia
  12. Cheers for the kind words MJ. Arienh and I were hoping to meet you at DW this year. Maybe next year? This is going to be a must do troop for Arienh and I from now on. Unfortunately, I have posted this thread in the wrong subforum. It was meant to be a post to the Jundland Wastes Trip forums... I'll just re-title it and repost it there. Cheers DarkFather
  13. Hi all; This weekend past myself and Arienh (my wife) went on our first... First official Troop First 2-day Troop First 'DreamWorld' Troop (Largest Troop in the Southern Hemisphere) It all started for us on Friday leaving our backwater town at 2am for a 5hr drive. Got ourselves all set up with somewhere to stay near to the Troop location. 5:30am on Saturday morning we collected our things and headed out, not having any idea of what to expect. IT WAS AWESOME!!! When we all lined up for the Parade on Day One, we found out that the Denizens had managed to muster a mischief (pack) of 7 Adult Jawa's and I believe 2 pup/kitten Jawa's. As well as 3 Tuskens (2 Males and a Female). Here are a couple of pics of myself and Arienh... I'm the rediculously large Jawa... Or as I prefer to tell people... The King Jawa. Jawa's In Love.... Everywhere we turned there were other Jawa's. It was great to see. I found that pesky Astromech again too. I nearly had him... ..and then this stormtrooper realised that it WAS the droid he was looking for, and challenged me! Then I got chased away from R2 again, this time by a duo of Jedi... It was a great 2 day event. Being our first event, I'm not embarrassed to say... Arienh and I are sore and tired. But it is soooo worth it. We can't wait to get more troops under our collective bandoliers (belts). Cheers DarkFather
  14. hockeygoof14 Jawa advice wanted

    Congrats!! It is but the beginning of a longer road. Enjoy Cheers DarkFather
  15. Jawa Blaster (not Enfield Ion Blaster)

    Thanks for the kind words everyone. I thoroughly enjoyed the build and the researching of the parts, and the coming up with possible replacement parts. It was a journey, but a fun one. Cheers DarkFather