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  1. Hallo Mathias,

    ich habe egsehen, dass Du Dir auch die Vorlagen für die Karten hast machen lassen.

    Darf ich fragen, wo Du die hast ausdrucken lassen?

    Danke, Thomas

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    2. bigwam


      Danke Dir.

      Ich werfe die Karten nacher noch ein. Praktisch, wenn der Kasten knapp am Haus steht :-)

    3. clint666


      Karten sind gut gelandet, danke euch 

    4. bigwam


      Deine kamen auch heute, herzlichen Dank!

  2. Hello from Munich

    Gude! Gesendet von meinem iPhone mit Tapatalk
  3. Hi there, interested in a Set Martini Henery+ Ottman (weathered) What would be the Price incl. shipping to Germany?

    They look awesome!!!


    Cheers, Mathias

  4. Krayt Clan Access (Includes 501st access)

    Now that my Tusken is approved i am also requesting Krayt Clan access http://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=18031&costumeID=58 Cheers, Mathias
  5. Hello from Germany!

    Here are some of the Pic´s i´d sent today for my Approval...whish me luck
  6. my rubies gaffi build

    Will start a Rubies build too- is it neccessary to add a new PVC Pipe cause it is too short? What is the correct lenght then?
  7. New German Tusken

    Ach, hier biste auch Hast Mail wegen dem HIC 😄
  8. New German Tusken

    Willkommen! Wenn mein Gaffi endlich mal kommt, werd ich meinen Tusken auch mal approven lassen
  9. Hello from Germany!

    More and better pictures soon...just a First Test Fitting...
  10. Hey, just finished my Tusken Raider from Screamin...hell of a work with the Glue but i think it is looking Good so far...sorry for the bad pictures 1/1 is comming soon...90% ready
  11. Hello from Germany!

    Thank you
  12. Hi, i am Mathias, 37 years old and Member of German Garrison (Arma Candida). I have an ANH Stunt Trooper and my ID is TK-27577. Now i'm looking forward to get an approved 2nd Costume-the Tusken Raider! I already got the Mask and the Rest will follow, Hope You guys will help a Rookie