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  1. Sandboxers, The Ponda Baba CRL has just been lit green from it's grey "in progress" state. This costume is now ready for GML approval. Congratulations to the Krayt Clan and to Christian for his awesome costume. -Eric
  2. Legion Membership Officer Introduction

    Both good questions. I cannot discern from the Garindan thread which set of CRL words are the ones that should go in. Some feedback from the KC staff would point me in the right direction. I think the easiest thing to do is for someone to write up what they think the CRL should be and present it to Coin and I for review. That's how Ponda Baba was finished up recently. One of my unspoken goals this year is to help KC make the Jawa green. I'm not quite sure where it stands now but I'm willing to support this effort in any way. -Eric
  3. Legion Membership Officer Introduction

    Awesome! I can't wait to see these move forward. -Eric
  4. Legion Membership Officer Introduction

    Hey folks, Just checking in to see if Krayt needs anything from the LMO office. Krayt have had a few white and yellow boxes in their CRL list for a while. What can we do to help some of them go green? It wouldn't take much to get Garindan, Jawa, Garmmorean, and Ponda (which was recently written by a member) up and running. Would the staff of Krayt be open to conference call some point soon? The legion has a web based conference thingy that we can use one evening to make a plan. Please let me know how I can help. -Eric
  5. Legion Membership Officer Introduction

    I do believe that some of them should reside here if the DL is happy and willing to be the caretaker of the CRL and build threads. Which of the costumes come here vs another (possible new) detachment though is up for discussion. -Eric
  6. Aloha Denizens and other inhabitants of the sandbox, I apologize for the delay in posting this. Between election madness and then some work related travel I am finally getting a chance to sit down to use a keyboard that does not involve thumbs. Please allow myself to introduce myself with a form letter going out on all the detachments forums. I am Eric Brager your Legion Membership Officer (LMO) for 2016. If you recognize the name Darth Aloha it is likely due to my involvement with FISD as a two time Detachment Leader (DL). The LMO office this year is here to help. We will support the Krayt Clan's goals for updating and creating new CRLs. Through your DL we will be an advocate, advisor, and champion. Most of all we will be accessible and approachable. No longer are the LMOs aloof and unreachable. Last year saw small but important changes to the Operating Protocols regarding CRLs. Section 7 states a few things that define a new working relationship between the detachments and the LMO. First is that a new costume may not be added to the Legion without completed CRL. Second is that the detachments are responsible for the creation and maintenance of the CRLs not the LMO. We do not make your CRLs. The result of these changes is that base level CRL requirements should not change unless the LMO and the DL are in agreement. Thirdly and lastly the DL should solicit buy-in from the detachment community regarding changes. In this new arrangement we have no choice but to work together. With that said every one of the 15 detachments will have an LMO representative assigned to them. Your LMO rep is Brian Anderson (TK-7602/Stormtrooperguy) He will be logging into your forums and contributing to your community, if he isn’t already doing so. The LMO office needs to be active in your community. That way we may fully understand each detachment’s vision and needs if we are going to support your CRL needs. There is a lot of Krayt work to be done CRL-wise and we want to help make as many go green this year as possible. What is the next step in this glorious shiny new hug-fest? I am asking the DL to send their LMO representative (or post up) a list of CRL goals as well as issues, concerns, gripes, problems, woes that we can help with. I will be integrating that list into my ongoing high level goals for 2016 that will be posted publically on the forums. I encourage any discussion between the dets and the LMO office to occur out in the open on the forums as much as possible. If anyone reading this (and hasn’t dozed off) has a question of any kind they are welcome to PM me anywhere or email me. Your DL will be receiving my phone number shortly and is welcome to text or call anytime for any reason. Let’s get some poodoo done this year. -Eric