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  1. New Pig WIP

    I can potentially help on the tusk if you want latex instead of something hard. Just take a pic of the existing one with a ruler so I can get an idea. Is the other one removable too? It would be easier to do 2 than to try to match an existing one. Or hmmm... you could send me the existing one, I could make a mold of it and send you all the copies you want! lol And to anyone wanting to join us, I can still cast the mask, hands and feet!!
  2. Fun New Name - 2015 Trooping Incentive Program

    Please tell me I got my payment in...
  3. Day One... Merch and CRL completion

    Here is my Build and submission pics for my Gamorrean. Anything else you need I can get: www.facebook.com/arthur.smith.399/media_set?set=a.10152918185748152.1073741877.542023151 Link to: Gamorrean Guard Build
  4. DZ 51183

  5. hello from Alaska and help requested

    I made a Gamorrean Guard and sell the unpainted Head, hands and feet: for $350. Cant say on the build time but first pic was April 8th and the last pic was July 4th. the WIP is here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1617333391832301.1073741838.1592154467683527&type=3 I am currently making a Wookie. I'm probably into it for about $400 right now. Started it about Jan 15th and Am 80+% done. That WIP is here https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1716163365282636.1073741844.1592154467683527&type=3
  6. 1000 troops update!! updated

    When do we get to buy our patches? My jacket is super excited!
  7. Fun New Name - 2015 Trooping Incentive Program

    NICE!!! That's the backdrop I have been trying to have made!!
  8. New Pig WIP

    I cast 2 sets of mine and still have one set that I have for sale (I can cast more if anyone wants). Mine are head, hands and feet. I don't make the arms and legs. They are easy to make in a size that actually fits you. $325 +s/h, You can see more pics here: https://www.facebook.com/arthur.smith.399/media_set?set=a.10153476956313152.1073741915.542023151&type=3
  9. Rebreather/Respirator Tube Bending Advice

    Fill the tube with sand before bending. This helps prevent it from flattening and pinching.
  10. We're still over 100 off? MAN! I really want a patch for my jacket. I'm new so don't have anything from the clan. (I don't think the bottle opener will look good on a jacket...)
  11. New Pig WIP

    Looking awesome! I used spray adhesive. I also am a puppet maker and use spray adhesive attaching the fur there all the time. The only issue is doing too many things at once and getting it on the front. No problem with it on the back of the fur.
  12. Unable to find a source for these, i made my own from the ground up. I cast 2 sets to be safe. I got mine approved so am selling the second set. $350 + shipping (guessing $25ish). I just have one set but if there is interest, I still have my molds. You can see a bunch more pics here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10153476956313152.1073741915.542023151&type=3 You can see what I did with mine here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152918185748152.1073741877.542023151&type=3 ------------- In His Service... Arthur Smith / DZ11869 (www.facebook.com/arthur.smith) Puppetry: www.PuppetsmithArts.com ----------------------- Main Website & www.facebook.com/PuppetsmithArts ---------- Facebook site More www.facebook.com/PuppetSmithArtsCreaturesAndCosplay
  13. Fun New Name - 2015 Trooping Incentive Program

    Troop Name: TFA Opening week Troop Date: December 22nd Troop Location: Science Center of Iowa IMAX Name:DZ-11869
  14. Fun New Name - 2015 Trooping Incentive Program

    Troop Name: TFA Opening weekend Troop Date: December 18th Troop Location: Flix Brew House and Theater Name:DZ-11869
  15. DZ 51183

    Congrats and welcome!!