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  1. new from Melbourne, FL

    Welcome to the Klan, David. I'm just west of you a couple hours, but I'm also TK and Tusken and can offer to help wherever you need. Nice looking rifle, but a little clean for us desert dwellers. Just a little weathering will do it wonders! FYI, I've had some comments that my DZ build thread was helpful for others doing the same. As an architect by day, I tend to over detail things. Check out my build - Tampa Bay Gets a Tusken - and let me know if you have any questions. I plan on trooping in it at Orlando, as well!
  2. It is available at many locations. I just Googled it and came up with Walmart, Tractor Supply and Amazon. Tandy Leather has it in small bottles. Saddle and Tack shops should also carry it
  3. My Respirators

    Looks great, Thomas. Thanks for the how-to tutorial
  4. Fun New Name - 2015 Trooping Incentive Program

    PP Sent for one patch and stickers for myself and 'JenEala77' PP ID: 68355584LA142401P
  5. half boots

    Basically the same way I did mine. Here's a link to my post about my shoes and leg wraps that became my 'boots' http://www.kraytclan.com/forum/topic/4413-tampa-bay-gets-a-tusken/?do=findComment&comment=43438 Edit: Added photo for reference
  6. Often, there is a button on print settings to print to __Fit or __Actual Size. If you use the 'Actual Size' button, it can force it to print to the scale it was originally make at. Fit will always reduce to one page.
  7. about got 'er licked

    The screen used masks have them turned, but the CRL isn't as specific. They are approved both ways. Nice looking mask, Sam!
  8. Osnaburg Muslin and Monks Cloth Prices

    Agreed! Joann's is always offering coupons every week. Sometimes it is the amazing 60% off a single item. Print out a few and make several trips to the car, if you have to. Looks like this wee it is only a 40% off, but every little bit helps. I hear that Hobby Lobby also offers great coupons each week. Sign up for emails and you will get plenty. You can always unsubscribe when you are done with your build. I have in my notes that I purchased the Osnaburg at Joann's for $5.99 a yard and used a 50% off coupon for a final $3.00 a yard. The day I needed to buy the fabric so my mom could sew while she was in town, Joann's did not have enough monk's cloth. I had to go to Walmart and pay full price of $7.97 a yard. Good Luck, Corey!
  9. Mask wrap fabric

    Awesoooome! That is the one store I had not thought about checking. Be sure to take a 20% off coupon! Every little bit of savings will help on another project!
  10. New member who needs help/advice

    Welcome to the Clan, Chris. Glad you decided to follow in his footsteps, except in the sand! I used a hard hat from Home Depot, minus the liner. I trimmed off the brim of the had and then had to cut more off so I could see out the eyes. The X's are where the spikes were mounted. Here is my build thread. Mounting the helmet to the mask starts on page 1. http://www.kraytclan.com/forum/topic/4413-tampa-bay-gets-a-tusken/?page=1 Good Luck!
  11. Mask wrap fabric

    I still have no idea what it is. I keep a piece in my wallet and compare it whenever I'm at a fabric store, but still haven't found a match. Dustin provided me just enough strips in my kit that I was able to do my mask, arms, boots and my neck. I needed more for my neck and had to go with duck cloth. I overlapped it so it all blended together. I did read in some of my research that someone else asked that the cloth was and was informed that he bought canvas drop cloths and cut them up. I tried Home Depot and Lowes and their canvas drop cloths were not an exact match. Maybe they were from a hardware store or other supplier.
  12. eye slits rotation?

    I had a similar question when I started my mask. From studying many pictures and discussion with others, I came up with this to show that the Diamond mask has the eye stalks at 45° from level.
  13. Respirator leather color

    Maybe! All the screen shots I've seen have it a medium to dark color, but weathered. It is hard to tell from this shot if this is dark brown or black, but weathering will lighten up the color. Give it a try and see how it turns out. You can always add some brown weathering to make it more brown looking.
  14. 3d parts

    Very impressive. Looks like 3D printers could be a very good investment for this hobby!
  15. Possibly. I think the main issue is getting a cap to be able to fit over whatever domed can end you are working with. My shout lids needed to have the threads inside ground down a little to fit my Reddi Whip can. I have not tried Gatorade for size. If you try it and they work, then post back here so others will know.