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  1. Gamorrean in Jacksonville Florida

    Ok got my latex parts..... I need to make the fat suit fatter I think....
  2. Gamorrean in Jacksonville Florida

    Here is the fat suit. It is 2 tshirts glued together. One is an XL and the other is 4XL. Greg then inserted foam pieces. Kevin
  3. Gamorrean in Jacksonville Florida

    Just as an update, I am awaiting my latex parts. We have built the fat suit but until I get those I am waiting on building the rest. That way sizes match up. <grin> Kevin
  4. Reload the images

    While I can't comment or help with the images, I was able to order the latex parts from Claudio (swtoys on the main 501st boards). He is supposedly shipping them to me this week. Kevin
  5. 2017 Pig Build

    Excited to follow your progress.... I am just starting myself. Kevin
  6. Gamorrean in Jacksonville Florida

    Bought fabric, pleather, fur and dye. The ropeish stuff is for the edging on the vest.
  7. Hi all, Starting my build currently. I ordered the latex parts from Claudio Oliver. (I got my soft parts for Vader from him.) I also ordered the foam for a body and will be picking up fur and leather later today hopefully. Kevin
  8. Armor Pieces

    Hi All, I am working with a couple people here and we are looking at building guards. I was wondering if anyone knew of any 3D printer files for the armor pieces? Thanks Kevin
  9. Sarah's Jawa.

    I submitted her to GA last night. Thanks everyone! Kevin
  10. Sarah's Jawa.

    Thanks. That would probably work for us too. Kevin
  11. Sarah's Jawa.

    Hi all, First I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Kevin and I am TI-42265. My youngest daughter Sarah wanted to get in on the 501st stuff so we decided to go with a Jawa. She is 8 so she knows she can't get an actual TKID, but here are her pics. I just need to figure out how to make the hood stand up better... Thanks! Kevin