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  1. I think it is a little overkill, but I like it and I don't wanna worry if I lose it with so many stuff on my costume!
  2. Microflame/ Torch Welder leather carry case.

    I'm still trying to figure that out. That's why I made two places where it can be held to attach. I have two bandoliers a blaster holster, one bag and one 3cpo leg that I use to trade. Plenty of places to hang it
  3. Star Wars prints

    Very nice!
  4. Cantina Silliness

    The eyes are huge!
  5. Aussie Denizen

  6. Crew Shirts

    Compared to other Star Wars characters, Jawa stuff is pretty scarce in my opinion. I've had to make my own stuff as a proud Jawa. Here is my crew shirt I made off a brown shirt I got at a thrift store.
  7. Torch Welder Question

    How do the Jawas carry the torch welder on their costume? I haven't seen one being carried yet. Any pics of it being carried would be helpful. I got one and wondering how to carry it. It needs a cartridge that I'm gonna build off a tube.
  8. Torch Welder Question

    Hello. There is no picture on your posting.
  9. Torch Welder Question

    Thank you very much. Appreciate it. Also looks like it has a restraining bolt on the other side!
  10. Dusted look

    How do I make my Jawa that looks like it has dust on the bottom part and the end of the sleeves? Thanks.
  11. My version of a Jawa mask!

    Jawa Mask I wanted to add my own experience making Jawa masks. I believe my style is very easy to make as no electronic skills are needed at all. I would love to find a good tutorial to learn how to set up electronics for masks, gauntlets etc. Until then this will do. I apologize in advance for not having WIP pics. First I got a superhero mask like Ironman. These can be found at Walmart or Target for $10 or at a thrift store for $1 or $2 if you're patient. My favorite mask is Lizard man because I like it's features but those are harder to find. The reason I like those masks compared to the plain white ones sold at craft stores like Michael's is because the plastic is thicker, more flexible and harder to crack. Those are solid masks. Also equally important, those masks have a rubber insert around the eyes. Those give quite a bit of stability and comfort. During long troops there is nothing stabbing you in the face. Just a soft rubber. With a snug fit it does not move around your face. The mask comes with a straight elastic from ear to ear. But it also has a slot on top of the mask. I inserted another piece of elastic to make it a 3 points strap. Along with the rubber backing around the eyes and this strap it is quite secure and pretty comfortable, other than the heat. I got a fabric that is easy to look through but harder to look in to conceal the eyes. I do not have the name of the fabric. I did this by trial and error. I made two oversized circles and glued them around the eyes. I got some fake fur and glued it around the mask with hot glue. Other glues could be used, but I'm inpatient. I cut the fur the best I could to the contour of the mask. Once it was done it was a furry mask. Then I used the heat gun around the fur. It is synthetic so it contracts quite nicely and it gave the appearance of burned skin. Careful not to use the heat gun around the eyes. If the fabric is synthetic it will make a hole! For the eyes I went to Michael's and bought a pack of Ashland Submersible LED Lights. Apparently those lights are to be put at the bottom of a pool or other water bodies for accents and they are quite bright! They are also a dome so it is the perfect shape and size. It uses 2 cell batteries. No bulky battery packs that add weight to the mask! The way it works, the dome is tightened to the bottom part. Once the contacts engage it is turned on. Loosen to turn off. I unscrewed the dome and sanded it on the outside. Then I used Martha Stewart Frosted Glass Yellow paint and painted on the inside. Careful not to paint on the threads so it can screw to the bottom part. This one will need a few coats between drying. If after a few coats the light is still coming strong in a beam instead of diffused, paint the light itself. Better yet fill a little cap with paint and dunk it. Let that thick slop of paint dry untouched. After it is almost dry you can smooth it with your fingers if you want. Once the painting is done, it will have a strong diffused glow. It will show even in direct contact with the sun. There is a small clip at the bottom part of the light. I cut it off because it is not needed. I glued the bottom part to the mask with hot glue gun. This glue is strong enough that will keep it securely yet can be removed with strong pressure if needed. I trooped about 10 times averaging 2 hours per troop before I noticed the lights were dimming and needed fresh batteries! The only weakness I found in the whole mask is that if you drop it face down the dome light may crack. Once it happens it won't light because it uses pressure in the threads to light. But knowing that in advance I had extra domes painted at the ready just in case! I would love your feedback!
  12. Definitive Pattern for Robe and Hood?

    My hood is frayed at the bottom and it is approved. Every jawa I've seen has frayed hoods as well as end of sleeves and bottom of the Robe. I believe the 501st reference says that as well. Rob
  13. Ayen & Jecqo Jawa Costume Build

    What's the Indian cotton for?
  14. Jawa for my 7 year old

    I thought that might be the case. But with time you will gain more experience and improve in costume making and might make better ones later on. That's what I do. Once my kid outgrows his costume I sell it and make a better one. Just my two cents
  15. Jawa for my 7 year old

    Also the Robe seems a little long. She might step on it or someone might step on it and trip over. I speak from experience.
  16. Jawa for my 7 year old

    Use rivets to attach the pouches.
  17. Celebration items

    Here are a couple things I made recently to bring to celebration. One is a C3PO leg to carry trade stuff when in costume and a knapsack for when I'm out of costume!
  18. Requirements for Jawa Vest

    That's interesting. I have seams on my sleeves and I don't wear a vest.
  19. Chris788's Jawa

    My sleeves cover my hands too. Only thing I would do is some fraying...
  20. It is in the eyes!

    Hey guys, I have an approved Jawa Costume, but I realized my eyes are weak and small. Can someone recommend where I can find a pair or build them bigger and stronger if it is not too difficult?