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  1. Tessek Costume

    LOL. That was an example. It doesnt matter if black or brown... but i see that this discussion doesnt come to an end. in my opinion, if you dont want to use the correct boots you are not accurate like it's need to be for 501st. but you can try it. Maybe the lmo accepts it (but i dont believe so).
  2. Tessek Costume

    It's a huge difference to allow leather like boots which have the same look like leather boots than what you are doing. And i don't think that our LMO will allow this anyways. For 501st you need the correct boots. Maybe you can join other groups using black leather boots.
  3. Tessek Costume

    Ok, they just changed it for rotj then... but the guards have nothing todo with the kraytclan ... i wonder why you dont want to use the correct boots. it should be easy to add the fabric to existing boots to achieve the correct look.
  4. Tessek Costume

    Your breastplate is nice, but i think it's a little bit wrong in the size The distance of the holes is too big at yours. I mean, there are not many characters where we have such great reference pictures like we have with tessek. And because of that, even the basic crl should match this as close as possible.
  5. Tessek Costume

    The guard detachment changed their crl already. Black boots are not acceptable anymore. And we clearly see what boots tessek has. So i see no option to allow other boots. If we do so, we could do this with every costume part. Why not allow normal hands with 5 fingers and optional the 3 fingers... Makes no sense. The boots are as important as every other part of the costume.
  6. Tessek Costume

    Nice one. but the shoes are same material like the cape in my opinion.
  7. Ponda Baba "werewolf" hands

    looking good.
  8. Bith Cantine

  9. Bith Cantine

    i used this
  10. Tessek Costume

    I want to build Tessek, too. The fabric is velvet (cape and gauntlets). Colour of the cape is like a grey/brown. The boots are made of velvet, too and have the same colour like the cape.
  11. Bith Cantine

    lol, i didnt get approved... my jacket has 6 buttons... it whould be an easy fix but you never see the buttons in the movie... so why there are the numbers 3 or 4 in the crl? i am rebellegion approved, too and there is no number of the buttons mentioned, too. for reasons... and if you want to mention a number in the crl, it should be: 2 on the promoshots you just see 2 buttons on the lower part of the jacket. it seems, that there are no other buttons or you just cant see them. ah, and btw: the mask and hands are more tan than pink. you can see this on the screenused masks and on the promoshots. it's just the light in the cantina which makes them pink...
  12. Bith Cantine

    yes, there should be more buttons and with smaller size. it whould be an easy fix. the collar should be higher, too. i used fabric of the jacket to add a new higher collar instead of the small existing one.
  13. Searched for it since 2,5 years. So happy now.
  14. Weequay - Pagetti Rook

    looking good. where is the mask from? there are several makers out there already btw, the shirt looks like the one kithaba is wearing. You can see, that it is getting tighter at the wrist Here is mine: