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  1. Forgot to mention the payment for 3 patches, here is the transaction ID# 4XE78822SA7092628.
  2. Just posting to help out the clan reach the necessary 1001 mark! Troop Name: Celebration Europe III Troop Date: July 15–17, 2016 Troop Location: ExCeL London Forum Name of Participant(s): ewokian (DZ-23479) Photo by Marcus Kueppers Troop Name: Tattoo Solidária Troop Date: November 20, 2016 Troop Location: Odin Tattoo - Aveiro Forum Name of Participant(s): ewokian (DZ-23479) Troop Name: Comic-Con Portugal Troop Date: December 8-11, 2016 Troop Location: Exponor - Porto Forum Name of Participant(s): ewokian (DZ-23479)
  3. Krayt Clan Access (Includes 501st access)

    Requesting upgrade from 501st to Krayt Clan access, please. http://501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=16250&costumeID=58 Thank you! You Got It
  4. WIP Godzilla Mask - ANH Tusken Raider

    I dry painted here and there with a flat brush, using acrylic paint, then with the same brush I used a bit of thinner to smudge it. I thought of using a sponge but then I would probably end up with spots instead of a more realistic and weathered look. The brush really gets into the cloth. That's pretty much it. Side note: I noticed some of the pics in previous posts vanished, probably because I stopped using imageshack, but I will upload them to my photobucket account and update the posts, just need to figure out where I archived them. lol
  5. If it helps, I ordered Monk's Cloth (Cotton Monk's Aida Cloth, 10-Yard, Natural, 7 Count) from Amazon (the UK website - co.uk -) by DMC, and they did ship to Europe. I remember they also sell 2 and a half yards... EDIT: This was like 1 year ago, more or less.
  6. WIP Godzilla Mask - ANH Tusken Raider

    Scott, the vision is not perfect but hey... it's a Tusken, it will always be far from the perfect vision for us humans, but I do understand what you said, I just couldn't get the parts to join more due to the leather in between them, that and the fact I'm no expert at doing these type of masks, far from it. lol Thanx Abilio, did that today, here are the pics. Too dirty? Not enough? Missed a spot? All sort of input is welcome. Thanx guys!
  7. WIP Godzilla Mask - ANH Tusken Raider

    Thanx James! I really appreciate the feedback! I also left some a bit loose, hoping they'll curl up with time or something alike. Time to get dirty!
  8. My Good Lady's Jawa

    Congrats DZ-10388 and welcome to the 501st! She looks great and I have to say Pixeldust's work is great, we have a Jawa in our Outpost that ordered from Pixeldust too and the little Jawa is a success in every trooping she attends! Btw, would love to see your wife's Ewok!
  9. WIP Godzilla Mask - ANH Tusken Raider

    Finally I was able to get back to my tusken project and today I finished wrapping the cloth. Before I start weathering it I'd like some input from you guys, what would you change, is there something you see you don't like, that sort of things should I fix. Any input is welcome. Thanx everyone!
  10. Not sure if anyone is as excited as I am but new stills came out of ANH. All to celebrate the British Film Institute’s amazing new exhibition ‘On-Set – Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope’, which sadly it's too far away for me to visit it... Of course I had to bring up our dear Tuskens. I wonder if they'll ever publish a new book with these new polaroids, stories from behind the scenes and what not...
  11. WIP - ANH Tusken Raider Softparts

    Not yet but I'll be get some shoe goo for traction, if I feel it's enough I'll let it stay like that, otherwise I'll cut some sandals and do like James did here.
  12. WIP - ANH Tusken Raider Softparts

    I made some minor changes in the outer robe because it was too long and ended up stepping on it, which is not good as I would eventually trip during an event or having people step on it by accident! I will get some pictures up as soon as it's done with the robes. In the meantime I began to do the boots and after all the wrapping I can finally start thinking on how to weather them. I will do a quick search here on the forum for tips and tricks. But as they look I'm happy about how they came out. Found out that my camera tripod has more uses other than to just hold the camera in place! lol As always, feel free to comment, criticize and/or make suggestions. Thanx!
  13. WIP Godzilla Mask - ANH Tusken Raider

    Sorry for the late reply. He sent me a tube of goop that had about half of it left, as it is difficult to find it here in Europe, or so Adam told me (I really didn't look it up, but I'd probably find it on ebay or a similar brand in the local stores here). Besides, you never say no to free stuff. So here's a quick update, as I had to put this project on standby due to RL getting in the way. Chatting with Adam he told me I had applied the cheeks the wrong way so he sent me extra fabric to fix it! After fixing the cheeks I'm moving to the hardest part, IMHO, the mouth wrapping. I did not glue it before I had the OK from you guys. I find it a bit hard to get the wrinkles just right, mainly on the top part of the mouth, so I'd like your comments on how it looks right now.
  14. WIP - ANH Tusken Raider Softparts

    Thanx for the input guys! Now about the outer robe... If you see closely, it's straight, there's no curve, because it's a little bit baggy it might trick the eye into believing there's a curve, but one needs to follow the seam. Also, do not forget he has his arms raised so the robe would lift more in the front.. I've been going back to the movie whenever I have doubts, and while the Tuskens drag Luke back to the speeder and then search the speeder you can see there's no curve on the robe.