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  1. Grave Tusken's Submission Photos

    What's good Krayt Clan? Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  2. Ralph MaQuarrie concept tusken raider

    Love MQ, great work on this build. My 2 cents Love the accessories, the harness you made and pouch are fantastic and will be useful. Weathering looks great. Anxious to see the breather. Also agree it could be bare or covered. Why not start uncovered and then add the cover,to see the difference. I also first thought the mouth was a bit wide. Some shots show it not as wide so that made my head settle down. Ha. But yeah the bubble lens and shortened featured are pretty cool. As far as hands. I like the wraps leaving the fingers exposed, but always thought the tuskens were so sensitive to light that they lived in caves underground and covered up as much as possible. Also envisioned them to be very alien like with crazy skin or something. IDK that's going out there.. but I guess if you weather up your fingertips it would work well. I'm still also keen on robes instaed of pants for the Tusken. But again , why not have both. The jewels have me concerned , any Jawa in the near vicinity will be hot on your trail...be aware. Be advised...hahaha Great work man. Looking forward to seeing it finished. Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  3. Grave Tusken's Submission Photos

    Tusken Back in the house looking to get a band back together,....
  4. Bith musician CRL

    Interested where this is going as well.
  5. New male OT Tusken build on the way

    Looking really good. Very nice build thread. Thorough.
  6. Lirin Car'n

    Talked with my GML a bit about the Bith baddie this weekend. That's great you are working this Paul , bummer you need to start over!
  7. Jawa Blaster (not Enfield Ion Blaster)

    Totally cool. Very nice work!
  8. Lirin Car'n

    Yes Paul, nice work. I enjoy your thread, and let me know what I can do to help!
  9. Georgia Garindan

    That is really nice work!
  10. My jawa build

    Try Barge cement. For the leather , I believe.
  11. Nice tutorial, very similar to my method of madness . Coffee for sure, and I also let mine sit hanging with just the bottom in the Coffee and it wicked up the robes nicely. Also a wire brush can help soften the paint if you end up getting it a bit to heavy. Good work TrainWreck!
  12. Snow Bug Props mask build

    Nice work! Clever ingenuity on the neck seal.
  13. My jawa build

    Nice work!