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  1. Anybody heard from Dialswiftjustice?

    Why was that thread hidden and locked? What did I miss? I've been in contact with Dustin since then (not about Tusken stuff, mind you)....

    Yeah, that looks more like AOTC than ANH style. Perhaps adding the outer robes will help this; it also looks like the inner robe there shrank up a bit since the first post with it on.
  3. Tusken mask help

    Upholstery leather is about 3.5-4oz. but you could work with it...just hot glue small sections at a time and bunch it up before the glue cools. A deerskin piece of leather is 2-3oz and easier to work with.
  4. Ammo belt template

    This one too, which is what you may be looking for based off the thread title:
  5. Star Wars prints

    Thanks! I do have new ones up now too.
  6. Wrapping the mouth area on a helmet

    The reason for this is because it's toxic. Review the MSDS for all the hazards associated with this adhesive. It's pretty bad stuff, so I can certainly understand why they'd impound this product to Scotland. Here's the SDS for Evo-Stik, which you may also care to review. Do use it with plenty of ventilation and/or with a proper mask! Good luck on the wrapping Ian! Stay safe!
  7. Wrapping the mouth area on a helmet

    E6000 is also a contact cement, as is GOOP! or Shoe Goo...just about any contact cement will work for this since hot melt glue is not an option with your substrate. I've heard that Evo-stik Impact Multi-Purpose instant contact adhesive or Alfa Thixofix works well.
  8. Poholio's Tusken WIP

    You can paint the window screening or get some fiberglass mesh tape/repair kit...
  9. Level 2 certification approval process

    If one is wearing 2 bandos across the chest, you still need the outer robe...BUT, if you add the 3rd bando around the waist, then you're considered a (Special Edition) Bantha Rider and not required to wear the outer robe. See the CRL (under outer robe), HERE.
  10. My Tusken Raider Build

    You should probably back it with fiberglass or resin to maintain the integrity better. Plasti-Dip only does so much....
  11. That's AWESOME!!!
  12. Awesome!!! The only concern I'd have are what happens when those fins break off? How sturdy is this material? It looks freaking awesome though!!!
  13. Work in progress Ponda Baba

    Random things you learn about a character: I guess they were going to chop is head off instead or as well as his arm?....
  14. Work in progress Ponda Baba

    It's looking pretty good there Dino! What's left to do on it? Zipper/snaps on the jacket...hair around the teeth?