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  1. Either 3 or 2 in my opinion, then you can weather them once they're all on the mask.
  2. Looking great!!! Your costume totally has that Mad Max dirtiness to it all—very cool!
  3. It's looking great!!! I also think that you just might win the award for one of the longest on-going Tusken builds ever.
  4. Good luck on the approval process and let us know if you need any help or advice!
  5. The weathering looks pretty good. Check with your GML to see if you need more weathering as every garrisons standards are different. Keep going on the costume...that is, if working in Egypt doesn't get in the way!
  6. Congrats Anthony!!!
  7. That's a whole lot of neck wrap going on there!!!
  8. Cancer sucks; I'm sorry you're facing that battle and do hope that you beat the crap out of it! The bandoliers came out beautifully! Awesome work and I'm sure that others will benefit from your patterns!!!
  9. Awesome work!!!
  10. You put a collar in...very chic! Mine is just a cut opening at the top with no seaming...same for my sleeves. You could put a stop seam in, but the material doesn't fray that badly. Besides, these are scavengers for the most part and probably not too worried about their garments getting worn. My advice: think about who your character is and what they do out in the Jundland Wastes (or where ever your camp is) and work your robes accordingly to fit that character. My character rides out on his Bantha to the Wastes looking for moisture parts or parts that will work on condensers.
  11. I'd cut them down to half the size...
  12. Click on the "Reply to Real reference photos" and it should take you to the image of the production shot.... Not my thread,'s always better to show the real stuff and not an interpretation.
  13. Hit up your GML to see if the Miller Lite caps are going to pass as "knurled" or not. I used some travel-sized bottle caps from Scope bottles that I trimmed down the height on for mine. The flare nuts should also be recessed into the cap.
  14. Looking great, though keep in mind that if that leaf is in fact silver and not aluminum, it may tarnish.