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  1. That's AWESOME!!!
  2. Awesome!!! The only concern I'd have are what happens when those fins break off? How sturdy is this material? It looks freaking awesome though!!!
  3. Random things you learn about a character: I guess they were going to chop is head off instead or as well as his arm?....
  4. It's looking pretty good there Dino! What's left to do on it? Zipper/snaps on the around the teeth?
  5. Woohoo!!! Congrats!
  6. That's Jody up front and I think Tyler is bringing up the rear by the Jawas... AWESOME! Come on up to the artists area in the library and say hi...that's where I'll be! Awesome work on the costumes!!!
  7. Your GML is wrong about the bando around your waist (to be blunt)...all your bandoliers are the correct type for ANH. They might be thinking that only the one type (unidentified bandolier) is worn around the waist, but the CRL does state only that 3 bandoliers are worn and does not specify the type. I wish there was something that we as a detachment could do to assist the GMLs in cases like this to help educate them.
  8. When you submitted it to your GML, you sent it in for approval for the 501st. There is no way to know how long it will take for your GML to get back to you with either approval or recommended changes. A gaffi stick is not required for approval for this costume in the 501st either, but it is required for the Rebel Legion. I don't know if you have a waist sash on or not, so that may be a matter of contention. The head wraps on the mask also look too tight and plastered down for an ANH version, but that's nitpicky. Hopefully your GML will let you know soon and send you your approved 501st number!
  9. That's AWESOME! Bring them to Joliet this year!!!
  10. Great start so far!!! So the whole world will look rose-colored, huh?
  11. Fun project!!!
  12. Don't stop now! It's really looking great!!!
  13. Thanks, garbz! Click the above link for details...not many pics of that part, but I did try to describe it.
  14. I updated the first post here too with supplies needed/suggested and links to make life a little easier for everyone. And do take a look on Craigslist in the FREE section for leather couches, chairs, footstools, whatever!