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  1. Hi from Oz

    Hi All, I'm from Brisbane Australia and I got my A'Sharad Hett approved this week, it has taken a few years but its good to finally get it done and become part of the Krayt Clan.
  2. New Hett WIP

    I think it is finally finished, I just need to get some Jedi food capsules and II think it will be ready to submit for approval.
  3. New Hett WIP

    Hi All, I have been working on this for a while now and thought I better pull my finger out and get it finished. Does it look ok so far? I just need to finish the breather piece and I hope I can then submit some approval pics. cheers chopper
  4. My first Tusken mask

    Hi all, this is my first Tusken mask I have put together. I started the wraps tonight but I still need to add a few more yet and maybe do some more weathering on them, I wanted to see what people thought before I weather it more? thanks chopper