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  1. Well it was worth a try. Decided im still going to put this costume together for fun as i think it would be an excellent addition to the Hett Im going to start in the next couple months.
  2. Hello! I've been with the Pac501 for a little over a year as a Tusken Warrior and loving every minute of it. Honestly to this day it still surprises me how many people are actually afraid of taking photos with me let alone even coming near me (Adults and kids alike). Now that I've had a few troopings / armor parties under my belt, I think I'm ready to delve a little deeper into the costuming aspect and make another Tusken. I would like something a little more unique, along the lines of A'Sharad Hett. Until I recently when I came across a sculpture at whitworth sculpture studios and spent probably the next few days trying to find reference pictures, or anything at all on this particular little jewel that he envisioned what a Sith Tusken would look like. Perhaps even a Grave Tusken? Sadly Ive yet to turn anything up so I figured i would come home to my fellow Krayt Clan members and see if anyone knew where he might of gotten the inspiration from or if there is something i might of missed in the books or if this is simply an artist's touch. Thanks for your time! -MLA