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  1. 501st Access Requests

    SL-24445 Requesting 501st access. http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=18337 501st Access Granted
  2. Synkros a'sharad hett build

    Great job, I really like the highly "ventilated" mask.
  3. Congratulations! Could you post close ups of your belt and sabers please?
  4. Good luck, when you're approved be prepared to post at least... Umm 30 pictures!
  5. Unfortunately, that's it. My understanding is for this build only the Claws of the Dragon is included, and I put every single page where the warlord A'Sharad was shown. Basically this is a flashback from Darth Krayt talking to Cade Skywalker.
  6. Helo, did you go the roc-lon route for the khaki fabric? That fabric seems really expensive compared to the other tusken fabrics.
  7. Thanks for the tips! Yeah I'm shocked that this is not a more popular costume. For 501st standards looks like it's not a terribly expensive costume and you get to dual wield sabers! And I don't think there is anyone else in 501st with green blades either.
  8. Awesome, would love to see pics of the materials, and other details of your costume. I'm most likely going to try to do everything from scratch except the mask shell.
  9. Sharad and A'Sharad Hett

    Look at that, I just happened to post something...
  10. Reference pics to match Warlord A'Sharad for DZ designation and what the CRL build is for.
  11. A'Sharad Hett - human Tusken Raider [img massive]

    I encountered this exact problem. My main build is ROTJ Vader but I was looking for a cool secondary build and honestly was just looking through CRLs. I ran into A'Sharad and vaguely remembered the character but the costume was just really cool. Went to Flagship forums and I registered there 3 days ago and no one has even approved my forum registration. No offense to Flagship but it's quite dormant there compared to any other detachment that I've registered with for research purposes. I saw a few A'Sharad posts by Tabs who is the CRL pictures guy and then by our italian friend here who has a Krayt costume too. For me to pursue this build, I can't see myself getting any help over there except maybe yep, the cloth is too dark/light etc. It is very unfortunate that all the Tusken expertise in costume building and even lore resides here in Krayt. Makes it very cumbersome to pursue a costume like this. Maybe if this costume gets more popular like the Sith Acolyte, people will congregate more over there.
  12. Poor Man's build question

    Looks good. I'm interested in A'Sharad Hett as well.
  13. A'Sharad Hett - Color??

    Also planning on starting hett, very interested in any help for picking fabrics.