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  1. Action shoot
  2. Made some new java eyes fore him.
  3. The one chookaboom mentioned sounds to me like a super file
  4. Im not that good whit the mixing of sound, would you be willing to mail a copy to me and my sons java?
  5. Wuhuuuu...
  6. And its DONE (well its never done still need mp3 aker system) But was a funn build ty. All fore your support, and i have to say that The look on my kid makes all worth wile. Here are some pic. Of The costume
  7. Yes we have diskused it, and the plan is to join GA as soon we are done, just have to look into how its done
  8. Thangs. Yep we are close now. Only shoes and some final tweeks
  9. Battery fore The blaster is done
  10. Suit up (agein) fore ajusting bandolers
  11. Mask is ready fore first test
  12. Gloves are done
  13. I have assembled and painted the ion blaster. Junior is over exited so that is a good start.
  14. not that mutch to report from this build. But i have asembeled The droid caller and painted it.
  15. Hello people my son and me are reporting in. From The cold skandinavia (Denmark) in a joint adventure we will build a hopefully awsome little jawa costume fore junior. The Ball is already rolling, he want its on display wenn not wearing it, so whit further do