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  1. Wow! Congrats!
  2. Looking great!
  3. Troop Name: Dormont Elementary Literacy Program Troop Date: 5/13/17 Location: Bethal Park PA Trooper : DZ13525 - Bith 18423984_1600280843316831_5402215960783920002_n by Bobby Linn, on Flickr
  4. 4. B&N Dormont Elementary Literacy Program 18423984_1600280843316831_5402215960783920002_n by Bobby Linn, on Flickr
  5. 3. Vader's Little Princess Tea Party 18446612_1587070154678849_5218571450294302861_n by Bobby Linn, on Flickr
  6. I won't post the name of my maker, they had very terrible communication and frankly lied a lot during the run. But woodman usually has a supply of heads and hands in stock.
  7. That's pretty awesome!
  8. I had to wait over a year for the head and hands to come in (the maker had us all convinced it was going to be a 3 month project...) The suit and everything else was pretty easy. Gray slacks, same boots I use for the majority of my other costumes. The jacket was a little effort to get together, I just happened to have a not approvable officer jacket that someone gave me in a big bundle of other items, so we modified it to be accurate. And now I was the first 501st Bith and I'm the CRL model. Thank you for asking and the compliment.
  9. Welcome aboard Ben! What part of PA are you from?
  10. A lot of people go the chef coat route and modify it.
  11. 2. Johnstown Symphony 2017
  12. Welcome Darth Baker!
  13. Name : Mitthrawnuruodo TKID: DZ-13525 Event: Johnstown Symphony 2017 Date : 3/11/17 Costume : Bith Musician
  14. Name : Mitthrawnuruodo TKID: DZ-13525 Event: ButCon 2017 Date : 2/11/17 Costume : Bith Musician
  15. Thank you