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  1. 2017 Trooping Incentive Program - The Memorial Troop

    I'm ready to start adding some 2018 troops whenever the new year's program goes live.
  2. THON (Penn State Dance Marathon - participants dance for 46 hours...) This year they raised $10,151,663.93!!! DZ 10877 and DZ 13525 were there to cheer on the dancers. I made a new friend there... She's the best dance partner a Bith could ask for...
  3. THE Bobby Linn Troop Tracker

    8. Penn State Dance a THON 2018 I made a new friend She's the best dance partner a Bith could ask for!
  4. Keeping the band cool (Bith Musicians)

    Vasline doesn't sound like a pleasant option. My problem is the mask sticking on my hair more then anything else, short of going bald I don't think I'm going to have an easy fix haha
  5. Paul Brooke at Lexington Toy and Comic Con

    Fingers crossed Paul, Femmi, and Roxy will be taking photos together... that'd be awesome!
  6. New Bith - Tedn Dahai

    Well in that case congrats on getting approved!
  7. New Bith - Tedn Dahai

    Looking great, best of luck on your approval!
  8. Happy to be here

    Ah bummer, you're on the other side of the state. Good luck with your build.
  9. Happy to be here

    Someone else from PA! Awesome! Where at in PA and what costume are you working on?
  10. Hi from Oz

    Welcome! Looks awesome!
  11. Keeping the band cool (Bith Musicians)

    This isn't a cooling issue but I know that I CAN NOT get the mask on if my hair is too long. Anyone else have any weird issues like that?
  12. Bith Tunic - Button count

    Nope! I'm so busy dancing and being animated and entertaining while trooping in it that the collar shifts and moves. I also don't appreciate your condescending tone so this will be the last time I respond to you. Bye Felicia!
  13. Bith Tunic - Button count

    You're welcome Gareth It's great seeing how many have been approved since I made that happen.
  14. Bith Tunic - Button count

    Just an FYI - my coat (the coat in the CRL) isn't a chef's coat, it's a modified Officer's tunic. And my collar does in fact get stuck on the neck, a lot, it happens, the fabric sticks on the latex. I'm so sorry that my 3 buttons offends you so much.
  15. Keeping the band cool (Bith Musicians)

    That's a great looking photo!