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  1. Hopefully I'll have a weequay ready till next celebration
  2. That Stormtrooper Dude signing in

    Ok then here is my first question Do you have any more references of the Weequay Skiff Master? I am planing to make one as screen accurate as possible but have gone stuck with the boots and the beltbag! Any help would be very appreciated
  3. Hello from sweden!

    Yo Edwin! There are swedes here alright but if you want more of that visit our Garrison instead Nordic Garrison ftw :-D Good luck with your tusken
  4. That Stormtrooper Dude signing in

    I'll start a thread when I have things to show but I will start a DL-18 blaster thread
  5. Tonnika Sisters Reference Pics

    Hehe i know another movie they are in
  6. There are actually lots of skiff guards... Maybe one day they will get their own detachment
  7. That Stormtrooper Dude signing in

    For the moment I am making research of the costume. Very har to guess the parts that arent showing and what i know no one else has this costume!
  8. Queequeg Build

    Is there an update to this thread?
  9. 501st Access Requests

    Yo! I am requesting 501st status TK-15136 Cheers 501st Access Granted
  10. Hello there! I am Dennis and I am a stromtrooper from Sweden, that lives in Norway! I am planing to make many costumes, many different detachments and now the Krayt Clan one of them. I wont go into details on this costume yet... but it will include a DL-18 aka Skiff guard blaster Cheers