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  1. Torch Welder Question

    Well the 1903 pattern is upside down and on the wrong side...
  2. 2017 Trooping Incentive Program - The Memorial Troop

    sylverbard 69323 make a wish night at Chapters / Indigo
  3. My version of a Jawa mask!

    im not a fan of fuzzy jawa faces. but if it fits, and is comfortable, and breathable, and you can't see the fuzzy part inside the hood, then its a good mask.
  4. Dusted look

    sand coloured spray paint. personally i dislike that look...that's not where sand would accumulate, no moisture in the air , so don't over do it. especially as mentioned you don't want anything to flake off on kids or pets or others.
  5. 2017 Trooping Incentive Program - The Memorial Troop

    geek market april 1 2017 dz-69323 sadly a terrible shot. a better shot
  6. an so it begins... Jawas Mask.

    Oh...make sure you get one of berzerkers jawa audio gloves...worth every penny for the insane fun it is to.actually talkto people like a jawa. Look in the for sale threads.
  7. an so it begins... Jawas Mask.

    Exactly. im glad its still recognized i loved that show.
  8. an so it begins... Jawas Mask.

    I see a white mask and i want to paint it blaack... glowing eyes on the front and batteries in baack.
  9. Non furry mask is approved?

    Thats why it says black material OR furry. ive never seen a furry mask. Not right from screen shot at all. Black mesh breathable material is best and safe.
  10. Dr. Evazan

    The twine on his thigh holds the holster to his thigh. Crls should be visually accurate at basic to what is seen on screen. Not every detachment has level 2 or 3. Higher levels of...accuracy...should only reflect authentic props vs repoductions. In the case of this costume that would be something like pants: basic requires black or blue non denim pants. Level 2 or 3 would require a pair of the same prussian calvary woolen pants. Just a hypothetical example.
  11. Tessek Costume

    Take your fabric pictures outside on a cloudy day. Auto white balance. No flash.
  12. Please Raid Responsibly...

    tusken beer would be very dry...
  13. an so it begins... Jawas Mask.

    Yup. That should work. It's just like having 4aa end to end.
  14. an so it begins... Jawas Mask.

    That's exactly how my ion blaster is wired. You can still use your on off switches on one of the leads on each side
  15. an so it begins... Jawas Mask.

    Easy way to tell is what battery powered it...If it was a cr they were 3v...Your 9v will blow them up probably. Use two AA each.