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  1. I see we have a few people very upset that; in the new Detachment that is forming, we have been asked to seed some of our not completely flushed out costumes or ones that the GML team had more jurisdiction over. Or just unaffiliated costumes that could have gone here but never were made official The Underworld Detachment has been in the works for two years and they need a good starting ground. The asked for some of our costumes to preside over, I allowed their request. If anyone feels strongly that they want no part in this new Detachment please PM me, I will be reaching out to the members affected by the possibility of being moved out of the Krayt Clan. I would like to assure you you will not be kicked out of your current Detachment. Currently I am not removing anyone from our Detachment membership, you will be on the roster for the new Detachment at the Legion level, and in their Detachment , but stay on as a Detachment member here as well. If this doesnt not effect you feel free to express your opinion, but please be considerate of the people this actually has bearing on their membership
  2. During a merch run we try and approve more often to make sure you don't miss it, I'll be on tonight letting new members in
  3. New Underworld Detachment

    no not aimed at you at all unless you are the only one ranting.......everyone has been commenting on how they assume it was handled with no information on the discussions or the people involved for the last two years and telling us we did it wrong. The Krayt Clan did not initiate this, we didn't come up with the idea and we didn't come up with the list of costumes. In my first post I said DZ once was Denizen of Tatooine, it now means more it means Denizen of the Galaxy, The Krayt Clan is Tatooine I dont want to make anyone move, If one costume type feels they belong more to the Beings living and working here for a living I would want to listen to their groups argument one way or the other.... Please stop trying to make it sound like we are kicking people out one of the costumes was chosen to move because the GML staff did the CRL not the Krayt Clan so they had jurisdiction (so the amount of work put in was a factor as well as where the character lived) and there isn't any more information to give other than The Legion command was petitioned for a new detachment and they asked if they could jusmpstart it with established costumes from the only Detachment that made sense. Detachment Command is not recognized at the Legion level as Command Staff we do not have access to those discussions and boards we have one representative the LMO, he is working in our best interest. He is keeping us informed with the status on the Legion board with the voting. A Detachment is mainly to assist with getting other people up and running with the costume and to discuss issues. If you think the Krayt Clan will serve you better in the real world that the main deal yes any costume type that asks to stay we will poll the membership on......
  4. New Underworld Detachment

    as I said, there was not going to be any negotiation until it was a thing, I hadn't been on to check this mornings announcements..... there has been no negotiating because, once again it has only been a matter of hours..... there is no nostalgia, We just suggested the members who built the Clan originally should be considered to stay, If they would like to move they will ask and we will poll their membership. Honestly the Garindan was a separate discussion completely. That one was, I feel, and Imperial spy who is wearing almost completely and officer uniform would (if moved) be more likely to the IOC) since we are not talking about getting rid of costumes but Who we were going to have build a new Detachment he wasn't even in the discussion. You are taking this as getting kicked out, which you are welcome to ask to stay and we will poll the other costume types, This is not Kicking Costumes out this is picking who gets to build a new detachment. The original batch of costumes we had already did build a detachment, so were giving it to the others to have a new area to grow. My personal list is definitely different so its not a dictatorship. If the "Snoots" want to go they are also welcome to ask, however as we had several teams looking into trying to get the first proposal on paper we are not going to poll only one person on costume placement. "Colin has already said Snoot should go" is not how we are making decisions, that would be exactly what you are complaining about Wuher is on my personal list to keep actually and as soon as we now hammer out the ins and outs i would put in my two cents, fortunately this IS a negotiation and we need to poll membership, so I cant make any hard and fast statements to you. you are reading "agreed to allow" as "She said get rid of these" I don't get to pick alone, neither does my command staff, neither ALSO do individuals posting rants about costumes they don't have Honestly the only question is.....Are your costumes on the list to go away and would you like us to start a poll of that costume type to stay here? I will not have a war as I said.
  5. Welcome as always, find some Jawas , steal some droids, get dirty
  6. New Underworld Detachment

    The criterea was.... we were proposed was the Legion thought was a good idea, we put forth the costumes we felt absolutely needed to stay because they started this detachment. Then we all agreed it was still up for negotiation and would move forward with whether or not there WOULD be a new detachment before we decided who was going into it. Until this is an actual thing, I am not going to start a war if there are only 5 people in the Legion with the costume and they all want to stay we will stand behind them
  7. Hello from Australia

    Greeetings from the winter half of the world
  8. I made my first one from duck cloth years ago, dont do it, we are hot enough as it is. Go buy the Onasburg
  9. Basically what Nick does over in the Gunner Detachment is pretty close to what we do here. the roster is the one thing that is the single most labor intensive bookkeeping item in the year. Each members last login is compared, LOGIN not post or troop. we allow people to just come browse. It is not done all year long or you would never hear from your command staff, most start working on it in mid to late January to have it ready for elections, since this is the only use for it honestly. Ive missed inactive members and allowed them to retain voting privileges before but I urge every person to check their status in February to make sure they weren't missed to be active. In my mind having someone who wants to participate not having access is a far greater sin that accidentally not removing someone who hasn't been around in two years and isn't involved or probably voting anyhow. We do go over it during the year but starting in about a week is when we start diligently editing. I don't know if this answers your question
  10. New Underworld Detachment

    don't worry you cant ruffle any more than will naturally happen, and Ive been proposed and proposed myself all ways from Sunday to do this in every other direction but loose. one suggestion was the Tusken and Jawa leave to create a new detachment and let everyone else build in an established detachment. I would go nuts without some diversity. Ive seen legion drama at its worst I will not have it here if I can help it. Any costume that doesn't want to leave message me Ill find a way to quiz all your other active members with that costume. also If you DO want to go, make it known one think to keep in mind is that a good community needs several strong costumes to start. the reason anyone is leaving at ALL is the new detachment like good sourdough will need a start somehow. It was recommended that they take some of our stronger yet not as prolific characters as a good start base. we don't want this to be a dumping ground we want this to be where someone can explore the more varied and devious side of our galaxy and for the record I personally love the Weequay
  11. New Underworld Detachment

    Exactly......, I'm just making sure to point out, that this is not happening because the Krayt Clan doesn't want them anymore.... as is what they were reading into it. This has nothing to do with kicking anyone out of the family. I could have said (I want them all) however I am not going to be greedy or start that war, any costume preferring to stay should make it known and anyone not wearing that costume should stop making decisions for them. this is not at all "cherry picking " as I was accused of..... I just choose the first costumes that built the clan....when we were Denizen of Tatooine based. If some more feel strongly about staying they are welcome as well. also although if the costumes move they would no longer be able to vote in the Krayt clan, I would want to see about arranging a special tag to keep all the other board permissions for old members to keep all the areas on our boards. We are a family ... no one is getting left behind
  12. New Underworld Detachment

    as for merch and foot traffic, this is a builders site our main goal is just to build, many people just read and never post.... so what. Most of my recruits I found on the board and then helped over email and over the phone referencing the tutorials. This is about community not how many patches we sell or how high your post count is
  13. New Underworld Detachment

    if you want me to be perfectly honest.....here it is blunt as I can be.. This is not our idea, this is being requested of us and we are trying to comply without bloodshed. Due to the influx of HUNDREDS of possible new DZs some other groups have requested not being tied to Tuskens and Jawas we just decided to go back to basics and asked for the costumes that started our Detachment. people want a reason so Im trying to find a starwarsy way to say it.... Honestly people want a new detachment they are welcome to it, those who built this one should be welcome to stay.....I chose as well as I could so as not to start a war Detachments are about costuming help and having other people who understand the specific issues your costume has because they have it too, a stormtrooper has almost None of the issues a Jawa does. Detachments are to assist. We cant assist if we are inundated with new members who just want to treat us as a cosplay weekly magazine. We need to have the signal clear to assist builds
  14. New Underworld Detachment

    the simple answer to the choice is Do they live or work legally on Tatooine then they are KC . are they just stopping over or here up to no good or to hang out at a long party then they are underworld. as for the Tonnikas they helped build the Krayt clan and an argument can be made either way, so I would actually like that up to the Tonnikas themselves if possible realize however we now reach further than Tatooine, weird RIGHT? Maz Kanatas will be underworld, not criminals but definatly not all legaly employed on a planet
  15. New Underworld Detachment

    using merch runs to pay for ANY detachment expenses is against the rules.... If there is excess it gets put there but planning for that violates the charter. there is nothing wrong with exclusive merch runs. NO legion Wide. Ive never put more than one patch on a shirt at a time anyhow. But to address the new Detachment....... My view on this IS We ARE the desert this Detachment was built around the planet of Tatooine, the people who work and live there. the choice of which costumes to let go was based on that concept... the Tusken and Jawa are the original Denizens and are what created this. They live here. They WERE the Krayt Clan once upon a time, the Band, the Rancor Keeper, the Gamoreans all are employed as useful members of society working for a living. The Imperial spy does not, at all, belong to the underworld, he is working, he is an imperial, he is an officer; but currently on deployment here on Tatooine, we will keep him until he returns to the Empire and the army (not the underworld) DZ once was Denizen of Tatooine, it now means more it means Denizen of the Galaxy, The Krayt Clan is Tatooine I dont want to make anyone move, If one costume type feels they belong more to the Beings living and working here for a living I would want to listen to their groups argument one way or the other....