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  1. Old Female Tusken Raider

    Sorry I havent been here but we been dealing with major flooding and other problems the last week! I have a young lady and her pets staying with us and we have about 14 animals here and me and my family. We had some water damage in my basement and the furnace dried out so we are good rightnow. I have made some progress on my dress and shawl and will post pictures as I can work on it. Some one else is making my mask for me and I can't wait to see it! I am going to tea dye my dress and then go from there to make it look more dirtyier. and then ontothe arm wraps and the gloves. I havent gotten tothe shoes yet but I have a yuckky pair here I dont mind making into the shoes! Diana
  2. Old Female Tusken Raider

    I dyed the hood in lukewarm water with 6 tea bags in it.After it brews take the tea bags out. THe tea water will be HOT water, let it cool to luke warm. DONT put it in if it is still hot or it will shrink really BAD. BE sure to let it soak for about 4 hours or more, and move the hood around in the tea bath or it will have spots that didn't dye due to bubbles caught in the fabric. Take it out and gently wring it over the sink and run cold water on it. Hang it up in a hanger by the bottom with clothes pins and let it drip dry.
  3. Old Female Tusken Raider

    ">http:// This is a side view with the upper part of the mask on it. If the gap is too low under your chin then you made the side pieces too wide. A good way to gage the size is to get a baseball cap and take the brim off and put it on yo ur head.. Have some one take a news paper and hold it with the fold inthe back. Mark it where the hat brim edge is and your face begins. Cut it itno a thin strip that gets a bit wider at the fold. See the picture above for the hood pattern on the fabric. You only need 3 strips (top of hood, 2 thin sides and the throat) to make the hood.
  4. Old Female Tusken Raider

    ">http:// THis is what the back should look like. Remember to sew the connecting seams for the edges tot he inside and the other seams on the outside. DMG
  5. Old Female Tusken Raider

    ">http:// Sew the third piec on and thenthe fourth. The fourth piece will be cut on the fold and will be one piece after you sew the back seam together. IT should go around your face like this and the top of your hood is done. You will do the mask later to attach it. DMG59
  6. Old Female Tusken Raider

    ">http:// I hope this works as I'm having problems posting the actual picture! Some times it will some times it wont! Ok this is the hood top and the first layer of the hood sewn with it seam side out. MOnks cloth is a pain to work with so sew a second seam OUTSIDE the pattern lines to keep it from fraying while working with it, or make a trial run with some muslin first then do the Monks cloth later. Be sure to number EACH piece so you dont mix it up! DMG59
  7. Old Female Tusken Raider

    this is the top of the hood I am sewing the pieces together withthe seam outside the hood but the top seam is inside to make it smooth where the two side pieces join on the head. It is good if you have a styrofoam head to work with. I got mine at Hobby Lobby DMG59
  8. I got the hood ok but the shawl was a pain in the butt doing it this way! I made it a little bigger than I needed it and it still shrank when I went to dye it in cold tea! NOw I have to find monks cloth again and make a new shawl! Diana
  9. Old Female Tusken Raider

    For the hood the top is the mountain shaped piece and you sew the top ridge together. the two smaller pieces on the top are for the sides of the hood, the bottom long piece is one piece that is attached to the side and forms the bottom where your mask part goes. THe hood will be joined to the shawl by snaps. I will post pics of that tomorrow as I load them from my camera. Diana
  10. Old Female Tusken Raider

    Here is the SHawl pattern taped together.
  11. Old Female Tusken Raider

    Ok I just wanted tot ry and see if this works for the posting of a picture on here as I loaded them to Photobucket...I hope this works! It's a picture of the pattern for the hood that I made out of news paper.The flat side of the mountain shaped piece goes on the top of the head and is joined and not gut all the way through. You will see inthe next picture the seam is on the back of the head and no seam on the top and the flat bottom is around the face. Diana
  12. Old Female Tusken Raider

    Well I now have the hood made and the shawl part but I think the fabric shrank for the shawl even tho I had made it bigger to it to take up for shrinkage!!! ARGHHHHHHH! I may have to wait to get some more Monks cloth for the shawl part next month then. Some one is going to help me do some cutting and gluing and painting to morrow on the mask . I also have the stuff to make two bracelets and will take pictures of that too as I go along. I will post the pics when I am all done! Diana
  13. Old Female Tusken Raider

    Thanks g uys! I want to try and post some pictures of my build but it says it wont do it the pictures were too big and I am not sure how to make them smaller. Any one can tell me how to do this? Diana
  14. Old Female Tusken Raider

    Thank you for the information! I had done some research last night and found some pages on making a shawl, and I will take your information in too. Diana
  15. new Tusken female

    Hello! If your wife does have a pattern or instructions for making the shawl I am interested! I am making a Female Tusken raider myself. DMG59