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  1. Iggy's AOTC Tusken Build Thread

    Do you glue the bottom flap of the pouch? I see the top one is secured with a Sam Browne stud. I'm noticing that there is nearly zero taper on those eyestalks from the museum pic.
  2. Iggy's AOTC Tusken Build Thread

    I personally would like to see a bit more detail on those awesome pouches. How are the bullet loops attached?
  3. Respirator question

    I'm not a judge but I think it looks good.
  4. What type of boot to use as base

    I use Crocs and wrap my legs up to the knee. I hot glued everything to the shoe. They are super comfortable and I would suppose a whole lot cooler than a rubber boot.
  5. English Civil War Bandolier with Apostles

  6. K-98 Pouches for bandoleer?

  7. EVA foam mask

    My wife, Tammy's mask is made of EVA foam. I know of at least one other.
  8. Anybody heard from Dialswiftjustice?

    The sale thread was hidden from view on April 18th so I'm not sure how Recon was able to see it. It was locked before that. From the OP: "Heya guys, I have been given another opportunity by the forum administrators. I have been making Tusken Kit's for almost 5 years, and had a few life issues pop up that delayed shipment of some kits. To my knowledge all of that has been resolved, but if I did forget you please PM me.To avoid the issues I have had in the past I pledge: Not to sell anything unless it is done, in hand and packaged. Not to create waiting lists. To post the tracking number once it has shipped here on the forums. And finally, if anyone is still worried about timley shipping I will even ship it BEFORE recieving payment. I trust the members here that much and hope to earn back yours.If anyone is interested in a kit please PM me to see if I have any on hand. I make them pretty regularly." He didn't respond to any of your PM's and you sent him money anyway? Am I reading your first post correctly?
  9. Anybody heard from Dialswiftjustice?

    I hid that thread months ago. How were you able to order?
  10. 3D Print Question

    With all of this 3D printing going on I have a question. Has anyone tried to print a Tusken faceplate with the eye-stalks, tusks, and tooth already attached?
  11. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  12. Navarre1095's event roster.

    Evansville, Indiana Christmas on North Main St Parade 11/20/2016 Salvation Army/ Channel 14 Toy Town Toy Drive 12/2/2016 Seriously, This dude is saying that he can't own a weapon like this because he is not a member of the Federation.
  13. My alternate jawa blaster build

    That's awesome!