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  1. Happy birthday to Krayt Clan's "busy bee", I mean jawa!

    1. Pixeldust


      Awww! I missed this for some reason! <3 Thank you so much! (Yea, THAT'S how busy I am) lol

  2. Celebration 2017

    Yeah when we do the KC one, I don't see why we couldn't separate out into jawas and tusken and such I'm hoping to get a pic with all the jawas I've made as well! I can't wait to meet everyone!
  3. Census Time! 2016

    He all! Just wanted to send over a friendly reminder to go to the 501st site and fill out your census! www.501st.com/memberDB
  4. JollyJawa

    Thanks for the shout out doll! I hope you have a blast with it!
  5. Hello! :-)

    Can you make Jawa's mask for my son?

    What'll be the cost?

    Best regards,


  6. Hi Paulina
    Finnaly got my Jawa costume and it looks fantastic. Great job!
    Just had my 501st membership approved .
    As soon as I have my card and a sticker from the Portuguese outpost I'll send them to you.
    All the best.
    Signing off, a very happy Jawa!

    1. Pixeldust


      I'm so happy to hear you like it! Congrats on the 501st membership and welcome to the clan!

  7. Hi Paulina!

    My name is Brad and I am TK 29920.....I am looking at buying a Jawa kit for my son who will be 6 years old shortly and is 4 foot tall .......need everything really.

    Not sure how much of the costume you can do but if you have a minute it would be great to hear from you....I am in Quebec, Canada J0P1H0


    Thanks much!!!


  8. PixelDust's Event Roster

    Event #17 Galactic Library Event Sugarland, TX
  9. Hi Paulina!!

    My name is David, TK-9277 of the Imperial Sands Garrison (San Diego).  I am looking for a jawa costume for an 11 year old that wants to partake in our events.  She is

    5' 3" and still growing.  You were highly recommended to me by Todd Mullen.  Please let me know a ballpark figure of what you require in payment so that I may relay that to her mother.  

    Looking forward to hearing from you.  

    Thank you!!

    David Neuhausel

  10. PixelDust's Event Roster

    Event #16 Star Wars VII TFA Opening night, Satikos Cinema, Tomboll, TX
  11. PixelDust's Event Roster

    Event #15 Star Wars Day at Houston Children's museum, Houston, TX 12/12/15
  12. PixelDust's Event Roster

    Event #14 Weird Al Concert 8/18/15 Houston, TX
  13. PixelDust's Event Roster

    Event #13 Space City Comic Con 7/25/15 Houston, TX
  14. these fans work for my pixeldust jawa mask

    You, sir, are a rock star! Thanks for sharing this! I was going nuts trying to figure a way to get fans in mine! Thank you!

    Yep! What she said!