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  1. Weathered Tusken Mask

    Here is natural light:
  2. Weathered Tusken Mask

    That's what my wife says about my haircut! To answer a question ronnyjodes had: I used Floquil enamel stain rust #1 and 2. I also used testors model paint flat rust and flat brown for the deeper grooves.
  3. Weathered Tusken Mask

    Finally got around to weathering my Godzilla mask. What do you guys think? Before: After:
  4. Submitted for approval

    A little weathering to the bandoliers and respirator and I'm good per my GML!!!
  5. Recently submitted these pics for approval by my Garrison's GML:
  6. Dye color choices: opinions please

    I'm using tan, pearl grey, and taupe RIT dye. I think I'm going to lighten the color of the inner robe a little but I like how the outer robe color came out.
  7. Hello all, New to these forums. Working on a OT Tusken Raider costume. Playing with RIT dye right now and using some of the other members recommendations. These are the colors I'm going with: With flash: Without flash: What do you guys/gals think. These are unweathered swatches of fabric.