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  1. New Underworld Detachment

    Cool your jets..Im not blaming anyone for anything. If you reread an earlier post of mine I clearly stated I really dont care which det I will belong to. But if Snoot is staying here..itd be nice to be made to feel as if we belong. Rather than being left unwanted on the doorstep. Maybe the easiest thing would be to release all non jawa/tuskens to this proposed new Det...let KC go back to how it was originally intended to be? Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  2. New Underworld Detachment

    I'm getting mixed signals here...KC wants to retain Snoots and Piggies(and various others).but doesn't want to represent them equally alongside Jawas and Tuskens in logos or forum themes? When was the last time a merch run used Snoot? A shirt,patch,coin? Yeah we are a rare niche character but if we are homed here we really oughta be treated as fairly as the others. Not locked on the backroom,hidden away like you're ashamed of us. So...either these cossies are wanted..and therfore should be incorporated into the identity of the Det..or they should be released to a new Det which will treat them fairly and equally and let KC focus on the jawas and tuskens. Can't really have it both ways... Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  3. New Underworld Detachment

    Agreed. After witnessing the Shoretrooper...kerfuffle...I think we all agree Detachment affiliation is a hotbutton topic that gets folks passionate. I really don't care too much either way where Snoot lives..but my own internal logic circuits would tend to err on the side of Underworld. I dont think it helps that KC..from its name to its logo design and colour scheme..is weighted heavily toward the jawa/tusken end of the spectrum. Its obvious and totally understandable why that is..and theres a lotta history there...but it could leave Snoots and Piggies and whoever else feeling a little left out in the cold.(ironic I know!) Spitballing here(and I know this is gonna be controversial)...but hypothetically speaking..how difficult would it be to redesign the logo and forum skin to better integrate the non-bando wearing desert nomads that are/will be represented by KC? Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  4. New Underworld Detachment

    As a Snoot(albeit not a super active one as he's such a pain in the A to wear) I'd have thought he was a perfect candidate for an Underworld Det. He's an Informant..a Snitch. He's not native to Tatooine and theres nothing to suggest you wouldn't find him lurking around on Coruscant or Jedha or Naboo passing Intel and informing the Imps on those worlds of odd behaviour by locals. I don't know if we can say he is an Imperial...he seems more the Freelance type and was probably off world as soon as he got paid for the Mos Eisley job. He's similar in some regards to a Bounty Hunter..he works for whoever has the creds..not for an ideology or a cause.Bazine Natal basically serves the exact same function as Snoot in TFA... But it seems the guys who actually own these difficult to place cossies have little say in where we'd like to live. Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  5. New Underworld Detachment

    So Snoot is staying put? One could argue that the Underworld would be the better fit for him as he is an Informant; a Spy. Certainly more villainous and scummy than a bartender or hired goon.... Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  6. what type of boots are recommended for a Jawa?

    We used Ugg style boots for my GF's jawa. Look the part,have held up well trooping and are comfortable. Win win. Sent from my GT-I8190N using Tapatalk
  7. Swedish bandolier

    These any use to you?
  8. My Good Lady's Jawa

    Ok,..so the title of this thread could be seen as a bit of cheeky innuendo ,..but i just had to share the good news. My partner just got 'that' email earlier today welcoming her to the Legion. She's already in the RL as an Ewok, so we thought it best to cover all bases and get her a 'baddie' costume. Sorry for the lack of a build thread, but it wouldn't have been an interesting read anyways...this is one of Pixeldust's masterpieces. I cannot recommend highly enough! Say hello to DZ-10388! I cheked the membership database as soon as the email came through,..it looks as though she is the 301st Jawa in the Legion!
  9. Feedback Sought - Singapore Garindan

    Looks good to me!
  10. Georgia Garindan Trooping!

    Very niiice! You will get used to the cape...I love a cape. Really wish I had more costumes to facilitate that habit!
  11. Character Road Map Projects

    Snoot is the only one I could really help with,..but he is probably going to be the hardest of the detachment costumes to really pin down. So many variations,so many interpretations,..and a fairly vague CRL. Perhaps we should get a few of the active Snoots on board to describe their personal version,and we could give him a CRL along the lines of the Imperial Gunner-one that caters for several different,but equally clearable versions?
  12. New bandoliers.

    Hey gang. Picked a couple bandoliers up for the girlfriends build. Originally we were just going with a single 1903 bando worn over the shoulder, but I also managed to snag a nice Swedish Mauser,which we're thinking of wearing on the waist alongside it. My concern now is that they are both weathered to different levels...do you think I could get away with them as they are? Or should I try and darken up the 1903 to better match with the mauser?
  13. Jawa hands?

    Yes..looking over them again..its likely they are just really really battered gloves..giving the appearance of wisened old monkey hands. As if jawas weren't disgusting enough!lol
  14. Jawa hands?

    Heat is not an issue. Being in Ireland, temperatures rarely rise higher than freezing! She's also been a RL ewok for a good while, so rubber hands and fur aren't a problem. I'm on my work comp at the minute,so can't dig up screengrabs,..but I was sure I had seen pics of on set jawas with furry hands with rubbery brown fingers? Perhaps I have misinterpreted them as something else...
  15. Jawa hands?

    Hi folks. Finally getting round to putting together a filthy desert thief for my girlfriend. Planned on doing it last year, but real life,..yada,yada. I've went to pixeldust for the robes,because a,they look amazing and b, I can't sew as much as a button! Ordered a repro bandolier,might get a few more later on, hunting for some donor boots in the back of her wardrobe so progress is good. A quick question about the hands. Long black gloves aren't an issue,they are easily found, but I was wondering if I could use something a little more interesting? The CRL says fur on the hands is cool,..what about using some of those costume werewolf/gorilla style gloves? I think they'd give a nice otherworldly look with those textured fingers...Anyone done similar?